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iTunes error 9 : Firmware Updates Error[how to fix it]

” I was unable to update to iOS 11.3 because of error 9 occurring all of a sudden. What is this iTunes error 9? How can I fix the error code?”

Are you also encountering iTunes error 9? Then read the article to know what exactly iTunes error 9 is and the procedures to resolve it.

iTunes error 9

Error 9 is a common error code that people encounter frequently now. A lot of people have experienced iTunes error 9 while updating iOS 11.3. Let’s now know the reasons for error 9.

What Triggers iTunes Error 9?

Error 9 occurs during firmware updates or system restore on iPhones or iPads. Problems with the USB connection in your device is responsible for Error 9. Most often you will encounter a message ‘ iPhone has timeout’ while updating.  The other common causes that lead to Itunes error 9 are-

  • Security software is inaccessible to the Apple servers.
  • Firewall blocks access to specific websites.
  • Hardware issues like faulty cable or USB port.
  • Corrupted network settings
  • Jailbroken iPhone
  • Network Database is outdated or corrupted that was used to jailbreak an iOS device.

Other Possible Symptoms-

  • iTunes error 9 occurred while syncing your iPhone
  • iPhone times out while syncing
  • USB device cannot be operated due to network issues
  • A higher speed USB port is required to enhance speed and performance of the device.
  • Error 0 or error code 2001, 2010 occurs during an update or restoring iPhone.

Similar Error Codes- iTunes error 4013/ 4014

Some users also encounter iTunes error code 4012/4013. This is also similar to iTunes error 9. So, don’t get confused with the error codes. It also prevents you to upgrade the latest version of iOs via iTunes.

iTunes error 4013

iTunes error 4013/4014 is also known as iPhone error 4013/4014 due to hardware failure and faulty cable or USB port. To simplify it the error occurs due to the connection constraints between the PC/ Mac and iDevice. So whenever you encounter error 9, 4013 or 4014, it means the same. The solutions for all the above error codes are same. Therefore, scroll down and keep reading.

Solutions To iTunes Error 9 / 4013/ 4014

We have mentioned the easiest hacks for you. These methods are user-friendly and quick to solve. Follow the methods step by step and fix iTunes error 4013/ 9.

iTunes not responding


Check USB Cable and Port

Sometimes a faulty and a defective USB port restricts you from updating iOS 11.3. This is quite unbelievable that a small thing like USB port can make a huge difference. But it’s true. At times, low quality USB port can prevent updating.

Use the cable that you have received with iPhone or simply get a new USB port. Afterall authentication is all that matters. So why use a fake USB Port? If this doesn’t help you out, follow the next fix.

Check Security Software

As already mentioned above that iTunes error 9 can occur due to the security software or firmware being unable to connect to iTunes and apple server, it is always recommended to check the firmware properly. Often corrupted and outdated firmware triggers error codes.

Update iTunes

It is always recommended to the users to use the latest version of iTunes. make sure to go for iTunes update immediately to avoid error code 9 further.

Fix iTunes Error 9 Without Data Loss

At times, all you need to do is reinstall iOS 11.3 using another tool.  Make sure to use a powerful program that not only recovers the data but also installs the latest version of iOS. If you are confused about choosing the right program, you can always reach our tech experts who will guide you to choose the ideal program or any other iTunes related queries.

We hope these solutions work for you too.

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