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iTunes not detecting iPhone Windows 10 [solution]

iTunes has got a great boost with its introduction to the Microsoft Windows 10 arena. This collaboration of Microsoft and Apple surely is a reason for joy for all the windows users and music lovers.  But, what if this alliance is not making the mark as your iTunes not detecting iPhone windows 10?

iTunes not detecting iPhone Windows 10

We all know how iTunes is a great boon to us for providing the option of synchronized music and playlist in a single device.

This is quite a persistent error that doesn’t seem to To think of some simple yet effective workaround in this respect, I have laid these tricks-

Install all the Windows Update

It is important to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes designed for the windows installed on your device. You can fix it by downloading the current version of the app manually that will help fix all the evident outages.

Use this step-

Go to settings –> select update and security –> click on update windows

This will make sure you install all the latest windows updates

Reboot your iPhone/iTunes not detecting iPhone Windows 10

Reboot both your iOS as well as your computer and see if it fixes the issue. Rebooting can solve the issues completely, for that you just need to connect your iOS device to a computer and use the trust prompt.

This also carries out a security check of the device and fix any kind of unauthenticated network that troubles the situation.

iTunes not detecting iPhone Windows 10

Try with another port

If the problem is because of a defective port then you need to verify it before resolving. To do that, connect your iOS device to a different USB port along with your PC.

Use mobile device support driver to make shift changes to your computer and make necessary changes in its settings.

Connect the iPhone to your PC and make it recognize the device and after the step gets complete, use the prompt option to delete the additional drivers.

After that, you can access the device manager and select the option for universal serial bus controllers. This will help you to scan your hardware changes and quickly fix any reported glitch.

Expand the bus controller to a maximum and quickly run the verification with third-party software sources.

You can also make use of cleaning tool and helps to resolve the problem and also fix the apparent conflicts in the device.

This will help you to perform a clean install of your system that will eradicate the trouble of iTunes not detecting iPhone Windows 10 completely.

Last Ray Of Hope

If all the above steps fail to make your problem of iTunes not detecting iPhone Windows 10 solve, then try this-

Go to C: Program files –> select common files –> find apple mobile driver support –> right click to install the file –> go to iTunes –> select installation.

iTunes not detected iPhone windows 10This is the last possible way to make your iTunes detect your iPhone windows 10. If this too fails, then you need to visit the apple store to solve this issue.

So, here is all that I have to share in helping you fix the iTunes not detecting iPhone Windows 10 problem with easy solutions. Hope that helps!

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