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5 Simple Fix iTunes Wont Open | Solutions For Windows

Most of the windows users have recently posted about iTunes is not opening. However, iTunes application is compatible with all windows devices. Still when you are double clicking on the icon its not responding. Not even showing any error message or dialog specifying the error. iTunes won’t open is the most crucial issue that you can come across.iTunes won't open


So, if you are going through the same situation then no need to ruffle yourself yet. I will discuss all the possible factors that causing the issue. Also, help you to find the best way to resolve the issue without leaving the comfort of your homely environment.

Let’s see the possible fixes that you can try to fix Unable To Open iTunes issues on your Windows Device.

5 Effective Way to Resolve iTunes Won’t Open Issue

If you are not comfortable solving the issue by yourself don’t worry. We are here for you, get in touch with our In-House Tech Help Desk to resolve the issue with the industry’s best software specialist.

Open iTunes In Safe Mood Option

When you are facing a problem with opening iTunes in your window. It may be because of some third-party plugin interference. When you open iTunes in a Safe Mood option it will not get affected by any third-party plug-ins.

To open the iTunes in a safe mood, click on the icon and press Ctrl and Shift all together as well. A popup will come up o your window. Saying, iTunes running in safe mood, all the installed files will be temporarily disabled.

iTunes won't open

If you able to run iTunes in safe mood option then it means the apples third-party plugins are creating the problems. Now delete all the plugins and try to open the app in a normal mood.  I hope you will not face this iTunes Won’t Open issue.

Create A New Windows Account

If the problem still persists then this time you need to create a new windows account. You can do that by going to the control panel and select the user account. There you will find the option to add another user to your system add someone else to your PC. Using this account access iTunes if you are still facing the issue it might be a problem with your system. running a system diagnosis will help you resolve the issue.

Change the iTunes Library

You need to remove the existing iTunes Library folder if you cant access iTunes. You will find the library folder in the C drive of your computer. Go to the C:\ Drive and locate the iTunes Library file and move the folder to the desktop. Then click on iTunes to verify library file is empty. Once done now you need to add a library file in the target folder. This method surely removes the problematic file on your iTunes Library file causing you iTunes Won’t open issue.

itunes is not opening

Third-party Security Firewall

Even after performing the last step if you are still facing the issue. Now, you need to configure the iTunes security option. To do so go the run window and type firewall.cpl. you will be directed to windows security window. Thre you need to change the security setting for iTunes. If you do not find the software then you can add them. Now you will not face iTunes won’t Open Issue.

unable to open iTunes

Uninstall and Reinstall the Programme

Even now you are facing this issue. As a last resource, you have to uninstall the software from your system then reinstall the programme. You can uninstall the programme by simply visiting the control panel and clicking on uninstall. See all t7he components are uninstalled properly then delete all the directory files from C:\ drives. Try a fresh reinstall process you will not face iTunes Won’t Open issue.

My Take

These are all the possible fixes that you can try if your iTunes is not opening. However, if you are still facing problems opening the software, you can always connect with our support service for an instant solution.

Let us know if the solutions work for you. If you have any suggestion for us or if you want to add anything to this article you can do so. Write it down in the comment section below we will consider it in our next post.

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