Apple About to Launch a Successor of iTunes for Windows and Xbox


iTunes is now history. Experts say that Apple is now working on developing new media applications. Just like Mac and Mac PCs, the software giant is now on the verge of developing a dedicated application for Windows and Xbox platforms. People who use iTunes on Windows will be able to use the application. But as days will pass, the app will get obsolete and the experience will be gradually poor. 

As Apple has split the iTunes into certain individual applications on Macintosh computers. Windows is still having iTunes. To upgrade the process, Apple is on the verge of developing interactive applications for Windows as well as Xbox platforms. These media applications will help all the iOS devices to interact with the newly developed software on Windows. 

Why is Apple replacing iTunes?

Apple is replacing iTunes only for its Macintosh OS. If you are using a Mac, then you will be able to sync your desired data based on the category. This will be helpful for you as well as for all the iOS users to find and store their data separately. 

The software giant has divided iTunes into three different categories and they are Podcasts, Music, and Apple TV. Experts think that the replacement of iTunes is a good move made by Apple. In addition to that, you can also access the backup and restoration procedure easily from the ‘Finder’.

Is Apple Hiring?

Yes, Apple is hiring developers and designers for the development of new applications to replace iTunes in Windows. Tech experts say that the platform of Xbox is also present in it. The software giant has posted the requirement ads on various social media platforms like LinkedIn.


They are calling all the experienced developers and designers to join the Apple community and work with them. A senior software engineer also stated a welcome statement “Come, join us and let’s build the next generation Apps for Windows”. 


There were more interesting statements by other representatives of Apple in various. The welcome statement goes like this, ‘If you are passionate about coding as well as music, then help us build a world-class engineering team. Grab the opportunity, join us, and let’s change the world’. 

Apps for Xbox and Windows

Yes, Along with Windows, Apple is planning to replace iTunes for Xbox. All the upcoming applications by Apple will be based on Microsoft’s UWP (Universal Windows Platform). You can download the applications from the Microsoft Store which is the built-in app store of Windows. Experts say that those applications will be compatible with Xbox Series X. That is why Apple’s new media applications will also be available with the Microsoft consoles. 

Hopes and Expectations

Previously, iTunes has received a lot of complaints from the users. As it is now obsolete, experts are believing that the upcoming media applications will fulfil all the gaps that people faced while using iTunes. 

More Services from Apple

Apple is working really hard to expand its other services apart from its devices. At the beginning of the month, Apple launched the new version of Apple TV+. It is now available for iOS, tvOS and Macintosh. In addition to that, the Apple TV is also easily available on other smart TVs.

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