Can Macs Get Viruses? Find That Out Right Here

Mac computers are famous for the different features that you can opt for once you start using them. But one thing with which the name Macintosh is almost synonymous is security. And this is rightfully so, as the platform that you get from such computers is really secure. 

Question is with the constantly evolving sphere of technology, can Macs get viruses? As viruses, today are really potent and can break through almost any kind of security measure. Further, if it gets through it can wreak absolute havoc on the system. 

We are going to discuss the effect of viruses on Mac computers and how much of a threat there is actually. And if you are a Mac user, then you would not want to miss this. After you have gone through all the information from here, you are going to have tangible solutions in case you find yourself in a situation like this. 

Can Macs Get Viruses? – Yes they Can 

If you are thinking of a virus attack in a conventional way, then that is not going to be much of an issue with Mac computers. These computers are very secure and if you use one of those, then you are more or less safe from that as Macintosh has excellent security protocols. 

However, if we take a look at the history of virus attacks that this operating system has encountered, all of them have come as a result of a deliberate attempt from the side of a hacker. 

Have a look at the different types of virus attacks that have affected Macintosh: 

  • The Trojan Horses: On the month of February in 2017, a trojan virus with the name MacDownloader attacked. This infiltrated through an update of Adobe Flash. This was spyware that was there to steal important data. 
  • Adwares: From the super annoying pop-up ads that come up on the screen, viruses do get through every once in a while. Although not that common, not taking such a possibility into consideration would be complete folly. 
  • Ransomeware issues: These attacks are also very problematic as the virus would ask you for money. This is to ensure that you can get back your personal data that they are holding hostage. 

These are the main virus problems that Mac computers have on their record. But as you might already know, that these things are in a dynamic state of continuous advancement. You never know when some hacker somewhere, comes up with an innovative way to ruin your Macintosh. 

Indicators of a Virus Attack on your Mac 

Here are a few things you can check for if you are concerned about a virus attack on the system. 

  • Open up a webpage and see whether the text that is there on it has hyperlinks on it. If it does, then it is highly unlikely that it is a normal happening. This is to understand the tell-tale sign of a virus attack on the Mac. 
  • If you get to see abnormal quantities of pop-up ads when you go to any particular web page then that can be another indicator of a virus attack, of the adware type. 
  • Just like the huge number of pop-up ads, if there are many unnecessary adware programs, well, you probably have a virus attack on the system. 
  • In a lot of scenarios, if Mac suddenly crashes or heats up more than is permissible, then that also can indicate a virus attack issue. 

So, these are the primary problems that you might face if there is a virus attack on the system. Good thing is that all of these things are going to be few and far between. 

How to Remove Virus from Mac?

If you are unable to prevent a computer virus then you must implement the right steps to eliminate the problem. So, here is how you can scan the device and remove the virus. 

Download CleanMyMac X application from a legitimate site and launch the app. Navigate to the Malware Removal tab and select it. Finally, choose the Scan option and click on Remove. The application will automatically start the scanning process and detect all the virus affected files. 

As soon as the files get highlighted the Remove option will eliminate them from the site.

You can avoid this problem in the future by keeping the browser, application, and OS up-to-date. Further, try to avoid not-secured sites and emails, pop-ups that look like a scam.

Latest Case of Malware Attack on Mac – The OSX/CrescentCore 

This particular malware file was available in the guise of a DMG file. It came with the Adobe Flash Player downloader and you would get a file install from this, either it would be the LaunchAgent, or it could be Advanced Mac Cleaner. One more thing regarding this particular virus is that this can easily bypass Gatekeeper

This is a rather remarkable feat as very few viruses have done so before. Part of the reason why this can pose a serious problem as apparently there is a known developer who has provides the signature. Another important thing to point out in this scenario is the degree of risk. 


You now have the answer to the question – can Macs get viruses? But the real concern is how to tackle any case of virus attack. 

Well, that depends on the particular attack that has occurred on the system. We have provided the answers to that as well. If you want further details on that, then you can find out all about that as you participate in the comments section below. 

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