Solve iTunes Error ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’

Being an iTunes user, I have faced this pop message saying “cannot connect to iTunes store” but every time I used to think of the apparent reasons for this. I could only draw the basic core sources for this issue namely- your device, your ISP or the apple server as a whole.

Let us take a look at each of the above troubling factors and try to troubleshoot the evident glitches.

cannot connect to iTunes store

Access the iTunes Store

I know the problem is primarily associated with the iTunes store but you should retry to launch it every time. The intermittent hassles can shift back if you try downloading items using iOS or Mac OS. Use your Apple ID to access multiple Apple services like browsing, movies, music as well as TV shows. If you still cannot connect to iTunes store then close the application and try again.

Facing difficulty in accessing your iTunes store for the purchased apps like Apple Music, iCloud, Facetime, iMessage and so on is quite evident in this matter.

Apple Server Problem (Cannot Connect to iTunes Store)

At times, even the apple server unit can run down on its network and give rise to the evident network problems. The data center creates a lot of trouble for which you cannot connect to iTunes store. If the store seeks high volume then also it can create a bit of difficulty in launching the app.

If you face any lag in the internet speed that makes your app store taking too long to open then the reason behind it is the traffic on the Apple network server. Although there is no prominent speed for apple to load its iTunes store, a slow connection can hamper the process as a whole.

Another easy way to identify the glitch is to land upon the webpage and check the Apple server status that whether it is running smoothly. At times, the telecommunication company loses its connection with the Apple server network and hence the trouble when you cannot connect to iTunes store.

This issue can only be solved by the network providers and hence you need to get in touch with iTunes Customer Support Team in this case.

ISP Problem

This is the most apparent reason for you to cannot connect to iTunes store and is totally dependent upon your internet connection. The troubling factor in this regard can range anything from faulty connection settings to a network server error.

The glitch can also appear because of an associated third party network accessing your server settings. This way, the external source network can come in between the server provider and cause an ongoing problem with an internet connection.

Connect With iTunes Support

A quick tip that I would like to add here is that you should always take up the necessary steps to boost up network service only after making sure you have all the updated versions and apps. Even your date, time and other general settings should be updated to the present, to say the least.

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