[SOLVED] Cannot install iTunes on Windows 7 | How to Fix it

Back in October 2003 when iTunes finally made its arrival on windows, it was a moment of rejoicing for me. As I was thinking that now I can get the exclusive song collections from the apple store.

cannot install iTunes on windows 7

Problems do not seem to leave windows users as along with the installation problems, iTunes bloat also surfaced on the windows store. Also can’t install iTunes on your Windows 7 PC?

Solutions For Error ‘Cannot install iTunes on windows 7’

In my research for finding an easy way out to troubleshoot the problem for which I cannot install iTunes on Windows 7, this was the most common solution-

This step-by-step guide will resolve the setback that stops you from accessing iTunes on windows. If you cannot install iTunes on Windows 7, try this out-

  • Log in to your system as an administrator
  • Update your system with the latest Microsoft Windows versions
  • Recognize the iTunes version that supports your Windows 7 system and download it
  • If your iTunes fails to load then repair the app
  • Discard the lest over segments from the pre-installed versions and reinstall with a new one
  • Check for any troubling software and disable it

Some attached software can greatly disrupt the installation process and hence you need to disable them temporarily.

Even some of the background processes can greatly dampen the smooth functioning of iTunes on your system. In that case, try to locate the conflicting sources and troubleshoot them with expert solutions.

Lastly, restart your device and check if the complete installation process has taken place correctly.

iTunes Customer Service

If iTunes starts without any flaw then the answer is yes but if not, then you may require some expert guidance for added support.

Since the bug is a two-way issue and hence you need clearance from Apple as well as Microsoft support. However, this method works equally well for updating as well as installing the app on your device smoothly. If you still cannot install iTunes on Windows 7 PC, then I also have other similar helping options.

Try one of the two ways to download iTunes for windows 7

Breathe a sigh of relief as here I will introduce you to the two ways you can install iTunes on your Windows 7 PC.

The problem for which you cannot install iTunes on Windows 7 can be fixed by the following ways-


You can get it directly from the apple store. This is easy to install but will also make you add some unnecessary apps that you do not wish to install in the first place.

This will also add the apple update tool to your system in the background.

Not so direct

Install it by accessing the Microsoft store. This method will also do the same but with significantly lesser chances of bloat.

Do not worry about thinking of some sort of stripped-down version of iTunes. It is the same app but exclusively for the desktop that will make you access –

  • Apple store
  • Local Media Library
  • iTunes Store

iTunes Tech Support

If you still cannot install iTunes in windows 7 then You can connect with iTunes Support Number +855-534-1508 for easy solutions. In case if you still face the same problem, feel free to get in touch with iTunes Customer Support to experience uninterrupted support for the issues.

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