How to Create Apple Id without Credit Card?

In the network of Apple and Apple devices, you would be primarily needing your Apple ID. You can use it on your iTunes, iCloud, iDevices, emails and you can even use them on your Mac computers. Furthermore, creating an Apple ID is a simple task if you have a credit card with you to do…

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How to Fix Verification Failed iTunes Error in Simple Steps?

If you own an iPhone, you are likely to come across certain technical complications with regular usage. Often, you may find yourself stuck with verification failed iTunes error. The moment you attempt to connect to iTunes from your iPhone, it comes up with the error stating ‘Apple ID verification failed’ message. This error might seem…

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How to Reset Apple Security Questions?

If you have created your user account on iTunes using Apple ID and by following password tips, it’s quite tough for hackers to crack down the confidential information. However, the problem begins when you don’t recall your Apple passcode or other details regarding the security questions. Initially, during the time of creating your Apple ID…

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What To Do When Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled?

You might have encountered an error message at the time of purchasing or downloading music, app, or movies from the Apple App Store. It states that your Apple ID has been disabled and prevents you from completing your action. Though Apple displays it for security purposes. Apple disables your ID when it notices suspicious activities…

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Why Apple Application Support was not Found Windows 10?

Apple Application Support is an important software component that helps to run the applications that are installed on your device. To connect iTunes with iOS devices, this program is very much important as well. Apple Application Support was not found occurs when the iTunes installer fails to complete the installation process. If you are also…

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Apple Breaking Up with iTunes? Will it Affect Windows?

iTunes will not be available

There is a rumour that iTunes will not be available in the near future. That is why there have been many queries from the users on how they will access their iOS devices. For more than a decade, Apple has had iTunes that helped all the iOS users to interact with their device and with…

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