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Apple Breaking Up with iTunes? Will it Affect Windows?

iTunes will not be available

There is a rumour that iTunes will not be available in the near future. That is why there have been many queries from the users on how they will access their iOS devices. For more than a decade, Apple has had iTunes that helped all the iOS users to interact with their device and with…

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Apple About to Launch a Successor of iTunes for Windows and Xbox


iTunes is now history. Experts say that Apple is now working on developing new media applications. Just like Mac and Mac PCs, the software giant is now on the verge of developing a dedicated application for Windows and Xbox platforms. People who use iTunes on Windows will be able to use the application. But as…

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac? Step By Step Guides

If you are here, maybe it means you want to transfer photos from your iPhone to Mac for obvious reasons. Well, who would not? Editing pictures by transferring photos from the iPhone to Mac is an effortless and simple task to perform.   If you are looking for discrete methods to transfer photos from your…

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How to Fix iTunes Error 13014 Won’t Open

Whenever a user wants to get access to the media files they need to use iTunes. It is considered as a potent tool as it helps to manage several multimedia files or data. Despite the advancements, some user confronts glitches regarding iTunes error 13014 won’t open.  This error code generally appears on the all latest…

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Fix – Application was Unable to Start Correctly 0xC0000005

Windows 10 is the most widely used version of Windows by Microsoft. Despite being an advanced Operating System, Windows 10 suffers from many glitches. And, the Application was Unable to Start Correctly 0xC0000005 occurs when you open any software or browsers on Windows 10. It is not restricted to internet browsers only. It can pop…

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Why Application was Unable to Start Correctly 0xc00007b?

iTunes is one of the most popular and significant software application which is preferred by millions of Mac users as well. But in recent ages, we get some complaints about the malfunctioning of iTunes. iTunes Application Error 0xc000007b is one such error that restricts the users from accessing iTunes properly. Users install, reinstall, repair iTunes…

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Remove “To Allow Access Please Respond on your iPhone” Message

Apple devices have succeeded to win the affection of most people with its high-end specifications and amazing performance. With its premium features and design, the iPhone becomes Apple’s most celebrated devices. But, similar to other devices, Apple also is capable of manifesting certain errors due to some malfunctions or glitches. Of them, the one this…

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Why iTunes the Application was Unable to Start Correctly 0xc0000142?

iTunes is a valuable application in the Apple devices that enhance the device by involving an excellent backup process. It becomes an annoying issue while you are trying to run this app and get stuck with the error message, “The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0xc0000142”. Besides this article, iTunes Support Team will help…

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Thinking About How to Backup iTunes?

Apple iTunes plays a crucial role in backing up important data. Besides the iCloud technique, you can get your audio as well as well as video data through iTunes. So, “how to backup iTunes?” is the most essential factor before restoring the documents. However, you can read the article to learn the process and our…

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What are the Methods to fix iTunes Error Code (-1)?

iTunes is used to run video, audio, and all sorts of media available. Seldom, users encounter some error messages related to iTunes. iTunes error code (-1) is one such issue that occurs when the users are trying to sync, restore, update or backup something on their device. As a result, it does not allow to…

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