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Get Proper Solutions to Solve iTunes Error 45054?

iTunes Error 45054 occurs when the computer fails to complete the request of iTunes Stores. It happens because of restricted files and folders that iTunes requires for downloading purchases. This error appears and crashes the active program window or slows down the running programs. In severe cases, the PC even freezes for a few seconds.…

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What to do when iTunes has stopped working Windows 10?

A lot of technical glitches reduce the iTunes performance level and show the users annoying error messages. Especially, when you try to transfer any file through iTunes, at times, it pops-up unexpected alert, “iTunes has Stopped Working.” As a result, you get stuck in sending or receiving the files and the device starts to freeze.…

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(Solved!) iTunes could not Restore the iPhone

While you are trying to perform the data retrieval process through the iTunes app, it becomes an annoying issue for the Apple users. They find an unexpected error message, saying “iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the Backup was Corrupt”. Moreover, it reduces the device’s performance levels and the system becomes unresponsive after several…

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Why iTunes is waiting for Windows Update to Install Driver?

iTunes plays a crucial role in transferring the data from one Apple device to another. You might get stuck with an unexpected issue very often while you connect your Apple device to PC. You fail to send or receive data and the app shows an unexpected error message saying “iTunes is waiting for Windows update”.…

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How to stop iTunes from opening when iPhone is connected?

Many iPhone/iPad/iOS users face issues with iTunes while connecting to any PC, laptop or other devices. This can lead to non-stop unnecessary pop-ups appearing on their device’s screen, which usually occurs due to iTunes. You can consider it as a default setting on Windows or Mac devices which enables iTunes to start by itself on…

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How to Fix iTunes cannot locate the CD Configuration Folder?

When you try to transfer data from the CD/DVD to the iTunes library, you get stuck with an error message saying “iTunes cannot locate the CD configuration folder”. Moreover, you won’t be able to burn the disc without resolving this annoying issue. However, you can go through the entire article carefully to fix this problem…

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Why iTunes Can’t Verify the Identity of the Server?

For Apple users, iTunes play an important role in performing various tasks. Besides being the store manager, it performs the function of transferring items from the cloud. Therefore, any trouble in iTunes can affect your work. And in this article, we will discuss one of the issues that are coming up after iTunes is upgraded.…

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How to Fix iTunes Unknown Error -39?

iTunes error 0xE8000084 is a very common issue. iTunes users proclaimed that they faced 0xE8000084 error statement at least once while attempting to connect the iPad or iPhone to the iTunes. Furthermore, the error message states that “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. An unknown error occurred: 0xE8000084.” This 0xE8000084 error iTunes might bother…

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Why iTunes Sync Session Failed to Start?

Sometimes, while working with iTunes, it can show an error message reading “iTunes Sync Session Failed to Start 2018”. This error message is much annoying and there are several reasons behind this error. Corrupted and outdated iTunes is the most common cause. Moreover, this error message can appear due to incomplete or faulty iTunes installation.…

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