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Can Macs Get Viruses? Find That Out Right Here

Mac computers are famous for the different features that you can opt for once you start using them. But one thing with which the name Macintosh is almost synonymous is security. And this is rightfully so, as the platform that you get from such computers is really secure.  Question is with the constantly evolving sphere…

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How To Start Mac In Safe Mode

Did you own a Mac device? If you own a Mac device, then at times you might face crucial challenges such as the compatibility issues with macOS installed on your device. All such problems appear from the Start menu. If you face any problem in your Mac device when it is working on normal conditions,…

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How To Fix Mac Error Code -36? Quick Hacks

Got Mac Error Code -36 at the time of transferring files onto a memory card or a Flash drive? Thinking how to fix this? Do not panic. In this post, we will provide you some easy solutions which will help you to fix this issue in no time. Caused mainly due to the inappropriate maintenance…

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How To Fix: MacBook Pro Black Screen

At times, you can find the Macbook Pro screen goes black while attempting to wake the machine from sleep mode. The screen goes black and unresponsive and can also happen when you simply start the MacBook. You may face this issue if the screen brightness of the machine is lowered by chance. A malfunctioning hardware…

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How To Use Mac Recovery Mode To Fix Startup Problems?

You can use Macintosh OS in “Recovery Mode” if your computer needs to detect and fix some internal software utility problems. It is one of the safest ways to recover your Mac OS from sort problems like startup error, disk partition issues, and many more.  In this guide, we will discuss various startup setting processes…

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Mac Battery Replacement: Few Ways To Do

The “Service Battery” is one of the most dreaded alerts that can be noticed by Mac users at least once. MacBook’s battery is one of the most expensive components that can never be serviced but can be replaced. Though Apple manufactures reliable machines, they did not give any guarantee on battery. And it is often…

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How to Fix: Mac Can’t Find the Wireless Printer

If your Mac can’t find the wireless printer you want to connect to, though it is on the same network, then it’s nothing new. Several Mac users have reported the same issue when their Mac cannot find the printer. It can be a simple problem with the router. Or if the printer has the ‘AirPrint’…

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How to Show Hidden Files On Mac? Get Some Quick Steps

Visible or not, these files are important as some of them keep the system and files secured from any damage. Sometimes, these hidden files are required for solving some issues or simply just for cleaning the accumulated junk. In this article, we will be explaining some techniques using which you’ll be able to see hidden…

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How To Reinstall Mac OS? Effective Guide To Follow

Mac OS is one of the most stable operating systems on its own. Bt at times when some severe issues arise on Mac, reinstalling Mac OS could be the best option at times. There are also various other issues that can be easily sorted out once your reinstall Mac OS. For example, if your Mac…

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