What are the Methods to Factory Reset iPhone 7 without Passcode

Your iPhone might require a factory reset for the technical fixing of minor glitches to restore its working. Moreover, you might also perform a factory reset for removing your personal details before transferring it to another user. It is also necessary to reset your device before restoring data from an iCloud backup. Usually, a factory reset needs a passcode. But, this article offers the ways by which you can factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode. In this article, we have discussed the issue with respect to iPhone 7 as this model has the maximum requirement for factory reset. In case this is not sufficient enough to factory reset your iPhone 7 without passcode, then contact our iTunes Customer Service.

Various Ways for How to Factory Reset iPhone 7 Without Passcode

Let us check the tricks we can apply to do a factory reset of your device.

Method 1: Use iTunes for a Synced iPhone 7

You can use iTunes if your iPhone is synced with your PC. It will undoubtedly erase all your saved data hence, make a backup on your iTunes beforehand.

  1. Connect your iPhone to a PC through a USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes on the PC and let it recognize your device.
  3. Get the latest update for your iTunes in order to complete this process.
  4. On the iTunes window, click on your iPhone icon and choose ‘Summary’ from the navigational panel.
  5. Then wait until iTunes creates a backup of your iPhone if ‘Auto Backup’ is enabled.
  6. Otherwise, use the ‘Backup Now’ feature to back up the data manually and sync iTunes with your iPhone.
  7. Choose ‘Restore iPhone’ and follow the on-screen popups to factory reset your iPhone.
  8. The iPhone auto restarts when the restoring process is over. Now tap the ‘restore from iTunes’ option on your iPhone’s screen to obtain the backup files from iTunes.
  9. Choose ‘cancel’ if you do not want to retrieve the backup files on your iPhone.

Work your way down to the next method if are unable to access your iPhone like a new one.

Method 2: Use Recovery Mode for an unsynced iPhone 7

Opt for this method if your iPhone is not synced with iTunes before. It is also going to erase all your iPhone data. Hence, back up your data either automatically or manually. You will need to download and install iTunes if it is not installed on your PC. Then connect your iPhone to your PC via a lightning cable and open iTunes. Now you will need to force restart your iPhone by the following ways:

For iPhone X, 8, And 8 Plus

Press the Volume Up button and release it immediately and repeat this for the Volume Down button as well. Quickly press the Power button and do not release it until the recovery screen appears.

For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Press the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously until you can see the recovery screen.  

For iPhone 6s or Earlier

Press the Side and Home button at the same time and release them as the Recovery Mode screen appears. If prompted, then tap ‘Restore’ on the dialog box. iTunes begin to download additional software files for your PC and this might take a few minutes. After the download is completed, follow the on-screen prompts to factory reset your iPhone in no time.

Click on the ‘Restore’ button if a popup appears and asks for a restore or update. It allows the popup to reset your iPhone without a password. Once the resetting is finished, iTunes starts looking for the latest version iOS and install it on your PC. If it is necessary, then iTunes download some of the essential applications to your iPhone as well. You are done with the factory reset iPhone 7 without passcode once the whole process is over. Note that, generally iPhones come out of the Recovery Mode automatically. Otherwise, you will need to repeat this process once again if your iPhone remains in the Recovery Mode.

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