Simple Tricks To Fix iPad Activation Error

iPad activation error occurs when the activation server is temporarily unavailable. This problem mostly affects users of iPad 2. Your iPad remains non-functional unless you activate it. When the activation server is available, it solves the problem automatically. But it becomes a major concern when you continue to receive the activation error.

Causes of iPad Activation Error

The points listed below will give you an insight into your problem with the activation error.

  • Like other activation errors, network connectivity is a major reason for this iPad error. An unstable WiFi connection can block the activation of your iPad.
  • If you do not have the latest version of iTunes, your iTunes lacks the necessary settings and features. As a result, the network you are using fails to support your device.
  • The signature feature of the iPad allows you to sign a document directly from your iPad. iPad also uses it for its activation. But it does not work when your device is running on a low battery. Hence, you come across an iPad activation error.
  • Unless you set up your iPad, it won’t let you use a network and lead to this error. This problem mainly happens with a public network.
  • If you enable the activation lock in iCloud, it prevents the restoration of the iPad with your permission.
  • You can get an iPad activation error if you are running a developer version of iOS.

How can you fix the iPad Activation Error?

Below are the most potent solutions to resolve this activation issue.

Ensure a Stable Network Connection

Check the status of the network you are using for your iPad. Switch from cellular to WiFi for a better connection. If the problem persists, then shift to another WiFi.

Update and Set Up your iTunes

To download the latest version of iTunes, connect the iPad to a computer and back up your data through iCloud. Wait until the backup is complete and then disconnect the iPad from your PC. Restart your device and once again connect it to your computer by a USB cable. You will get an option to restore and upgrade your device. Download the latest updates and restart your device. Now start restoring your device. When the restoration is over, you will get an option to activate the iPad or restore it from the old backup. Select the option to activate your iPad as a new device to resolve the iPad activation error.

Remove Activation Lock in iCloud

Turn off your device and use your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud. Open ‘Find My Phone’ and select ‘All Devices.’ Now select your device from the list of devices and choose ‘Remove From Account.’ Then turn on your device and activate it.

Reactivate your iPad via iTunes

At first, reboot your iPad and connect it to iTunes by a USB cable. Select your device from the list and click ‘Activate your iPad’ on iTunes. After that use your Apple ID and password and continue with the activation process.

Perform a Hard Reset

Often a hard reset solves the problem of iPad activation error when the rest of the solution fails. To do a hard reset, hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake button together until the Apple logo appears on the iPad’s screen. Then follow the instructions coming up on the screen to perform the hard reset.

Remove Public WiFi Constraints

When you set up your iPad from a public network, you face issues if you require to log in it via the internet. Open the WiFi network selection Window and click ‘Next’ to decline using WiFi. Tap ‘Settings’ and WiFi in the home screen to find the network for your device. Sign in to the network and tap iCloud in ‘Settings’ to sign into WiFi.

Escape Developer Mode

If you are using your iPad in the developer version of iOS, then exit from that version. You will get a set of iTunes instructions on your iPad’s screen. Act according to these instructions and choose the option ‘Set up as new iPad.’

Activate iPhone without SIM Card

Turn on your device and tap the ‘home’ button. Select ‘Emergency Call’ and turn off your device immediately. A popup window appears on the screen where you need to click ‘Cancel.’ After that the iPhone will take some time to activate. After the activation is over restart your device to ensure that you are no longer getting this activation error.

Charge your iPad

Since iPad’s signature feature does not work with low power, charge up your iPad. Then restart it and check whether the signature feature is working correctly or not.

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