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Sometimes when you plug into your iPad to the source of power, you may find that the ‘iPad won’t charge.’ Even if it is charging, it may charge slowly or may suddenly stop charging after some time. These problems arise due to several reasons such as a defective plug point, damaged power cord, and so on. ‘iPad not charging’ is a significant issue for iPad users. As you will move further with the article, you will come to know more about the problem.

Why iPad won’t charge?

The reasons behind this charging issue are as follows:

  • Your iPad may get excessively heated while charging. The software of iPad may stop charging to extend the lifespan of your device. It starts charging again when the temperature drops down.
  • The charging cable or USB adapter may get damaged or worn out. As a result, it cannot pass on the charge to the iPad.
  • A problem can emerge if you are not using a proper USB charger.
  • It may seem silly, but if you do not plug in the charging cable properly into the correct plug point, your iPad won’t charge.
  • The charging problem can occur due to the accumulation of dust inside the charging port of your iPad. Debris can conceal the pins present in the charging port and hamper its connection with the charging cable.
  • Problems can arise because of a minor software crash or a damaged adapter.
  • If you have recently exposed your device to moisture, it can permanently damage the connectors in the charging port.
  • You can face this issue when you plug in your device into the USB charging hub of your computer. It happens due to a faulty USB charging hub.

Methods to fix why iPad won’t charge

Go through the methods given below and try them one by one to fix the issue.

Check your iPad charger and adapter

Check whether the software of your iPad is detecting fluctuations in power from the charger. If so then the charger is the primary source of this problem. The software stops the charging to prevent internal damages to your device. Still, to confirm that your charger is defective, use another charger. If your iPad starts charging, then the previous charger is defective. Similarly, you can use a different adapter to charge your iPad. If it works, then your current adapter is defective.

Check your charging cable

You need to closely examine the lighting cable for damages. If you find any defect, try to charge your iPad by another cable. If the problem continues, then it seems that the faults lie with your iPad. In that case, move on to the next method.

Clean out your iPad’s charging port

If you cannot fix the charging issue after trying multiple cables and chargers, then look inside the charging port. Use a flashlight to look for dust or debris. Dust or debris can prevent the connection of the charging cable with the charging port. Use a soft anti-static brush to clean the charging port. Be careful while cleaning the charging port otherwise, it can damage the charging port.

Perform Hard Reset

Press and hold the ‘Home’ button until Apple logo flash appears on your iPad’s screen. It fixes this issue when the software crashes and turns the display entirely black.

Perform a DFU Restore

If you do a DFU restore, then it will erase all the errors from your iPad and reload the device to its factory defaults. It is very effective in fixing a severe software problem. If this solution also fails to fix the problem, then move on to the next method.

Inspect the Software

If the problem exists after rebooting your iPad, then there are higher chances of software glitches. Therefore, hold down the suspend button of the iPad until you see a red colored light appearing on the iPad’s screen. When the red light appears, turn off your device. Again, press and hold the suspend button to power on your device. This method will fix the minor defects in the software. But you need to avail the support of a software specialist to deal with critical software issues.

Connect your iPad to a Computer

Connect your iPad to your computer by a charging cable or by a recommended USB charger. If you find the message ‘Not Connected’ beside the battery meter, then the cable is not faulty. Then there is no need to replace the cable. If the computer cannot recognize the iPad and does not show the error message, then the cable is defective.

If none of the above methods can fix why your ‘iPad won’t charge,’ issue then you have an actual hardware issue. Hence, you need a technician to repair your iPad.

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