Fix iPhone Died and won’t Turn on while charging

iPhone Died and won’t Turn on

Several iPhone users have experienced a dead iPhone scenario. While browsing the internet or playing games, all of a sudden you might find that your iPhone died and won’t turn on while charginging. Even your iPhone does not respond after multiple attempts to turn it back on. Is this mean that your iPhone is completely dead and you would have to replace it with a new one? Well, you can relax because it is not the case and you can recover your device with the proper solutions. This article has discussed the ways in which you can manage to restore your iPhone. For further assistance, connect with our iTunes Customer Support.

Symptoms of iPhone Dead and won’t Charge

Check whether your device is exhibiting the following symptoms or not.

  • The iPhone won’t turn even after pressing the Home button repeatedly.
  • Your iPhone does not charge when you connect it to a charger.
  • Your device displays a black screen without any prior notification.
  • When you press the Home and Power button together, the Apple logo appears and disappears instantly.
  • Last but not least, nothing happens or a message pops up when you connect your iPhone to iTunes.

Methods to Resolve iPhone Died and won’t Turn on while Charging

After manifesting the symptoms, let’s check all that we can do to bring back your device to life.

Method 1: Forced Restart

A soft restart fails to fix such critical issues in most of the cases. Hence, it is recommended to do a forced restart. We have discussed separately the process of forced restart for different models of iPhone.

On iPhone X/8/8 S/Plus

To do a force restart, press the Volume Up button, release it, and press the Volume Down button immediately. Then, press the Power button and do not release it until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone’s display.

On iPhone 7/7 S/Plus

Hold the Wake/Sleep button and press the Volume Down button until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone’s screen.

On iPhone 6/5/S earlier and iPad

Press the Home and Power buttons together and hold them until you find the Apple logo.

Once you are done performing a forced restart, now check whether your iPhone is back to normal or not.

Method 2: Plug-in the Charger

Connect your iPhone to its original wall adapter and leave it to charge for an hour at least. Then, perform a forced restart as we have discussed in the previous method. Remember that your device is connected to the charging adapter while you try this method. Move on to the next method if your iPhone isn’t charging and does not show any signs of improvement.

Method 3: Clean your iPhone

Inspect whether the problem lies with the charging port of your device or not. Tiny particles and dust often get into the charging port and prevent the device from charging. Get an electric contact cleaner for the cleaning purpose. Then, spray with the electrical contact cleaner onto the Q-Tip and insert it into the charging port. Now, check the power cable and replace it if is damaged or too warm due to charging.

Spray with the electrical contact cleaner onto the cable plug and insert the plug into the lightning port. Wiggle the cable plug around the lightning port to wipe it out. Make sure to clean all the parts of the device and the lightning cable. Turn on the device when the lightning port and the related parts are dry.

The above-mentioned process is for removing corrosion. However, the cleaning process for removing debris is completely different. In this case, use a flashlight and magnifying glass to check deep into the lightning port. Spray compressed air to get rid of the debris stuck inside. Furthermore, get a nylon-bristled makeup brush to scrap the inner area of the lightning port. It is going to remove the clumps of debris, dust, and lint.

Method 4: Enable the Recovery Mode

According to many users, their iPhones show a ‘Connect to iTunes’ message and freeze after doing a force restart. In such a case, you will need to enter your iPhone into the Recovery Mode. To do so, plug in your iPhone to a PC and it is not necessary to turn on the device. Launch iTunes on the PC and press and hold both the Power and Home button to enter the Recovery Mode.

iPhone died and won’t turn on while charging is a common issue when an iPhone experiences an iOS crash. You can prevent this scenario by turning off your device once a week. The solutions discussed above apply for iPhone 5 won’t turn on or charge or connect to iTunes issue as well.

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If you are unable to fix this issue with the given solutions, then your iPhone is likely to suffer from technical flaws. Hence, you need technical assistance to resolve them. So, you can get in touch with our iTunes Customer Service. We have a good number of experts who are technically sound to deal with iTunes and iPhones related issues. Till now we have served innumerable customers and fixed iPhone dead and won’t charge issues successfully. So, end all your troubles and call us at our iTunes Customer Support Number today.

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