Troubleshoot iPhone Won’t Update Error On Your Own

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone brands around this world because of its exclusive features. However, if you are one of those iPhone users struggling to resolve it’s frequent glitches like iPhone won’t update, you have landed on the right page. If you face this woe and don’t know how to overcome it, follow this article till the end to get rid of this glitch. Here you will get the causes as well as several troubleshooting processes to fix this issue quickly on your own.

What happens when iPhone won’t update?

As soon as this error encounters, you can find the screen freezing and the iPhone not updating. According to the users, it is the most common problem you can face while using an iPhone.

Well, there are several causes because of which you are facing this kind of threads with your iPhone. Try to focus on the next part to know more about the error.

Causes that can arise iPhone won’t update Issue

There are more than one causes present in your iPhone just because of which you come across this error. For instance:

  • You can come across this error due to internal storage shortage in your iPhone.
  • Due to a poor internet connection, you may often come across this error.
  • Similarly, you might face this error due to the corrupted download of the new version.
  • In some cases, you can face this glitch due to some internal errors of your iPhone. In that case, you should try to reset your device.

It doesn’t matter why you are facing this error, but once you face this, all you need is to repair the system glitch on your own. Our experts have provided some quick hacks to troubleshoot this error in an efficient way.

Easy Hacks to troubleshoot iPhone won’t update Issue

There are several methods with the help of which you can resolve iPhone update error on your own. Try to follow the one whichever looks convenient to you.

Method 1: Check Internet Connection

If you are not connected with the internet connection or you are connected with a poor internet connection, you can face this error. Because, when your device fails to connect with the internet, it results in the update failure.

Method 2: Reboot your Device

When you face this iPhone not updating error then initially reboot your device, which will refresh your system. After this process, try to download and install the latest version of the Operating System. After the booting process, you will surely overcome this issue. But in some cases, if the error persists, you should try out the next method given below.

Method 3: Fix Storage Issues

If you are facing this error due to lack of internal storage, free up some space from your iPhone. You can also use iCloud to perform the backup process. After removing the unnecessary data, reboot your system and start downloading the updated version. After this process, your work will be done. If not, then check out next method.

Method 5: Reset your Device

You can face this error due to some internal glitches present in your account. In that case, try to perform a factory reset with your device. To perform this process, go to the settings and perform a factory reset. This reset process can take your system settings back to its initial stage and help you overcome this issue. If the error persists, then contact our experts.

Method 5: Deactivate Security Software

It can happen when you are using a security software that is prohibiting your system to be updated. In this case, uninstall the security software from your phone and perform the troubleshooting process. Your job will be done.

If you are unable to perform the troubleshooting process then all you need is an expert assistance.

Get in Touch with Experts

If you are not tech savvy enough to perform this whole action with your iPhone, you can contact our reliable technicians for further help and support. You can directly call on iPhone support number +855-534-1508 to get on-call support regarding “iPhone won’t update” error at an affordable cost.

If you can’t place a call right now, drop us an email to get instant support related to your iPhone. Otherwise, you can also send a service request via Apple support chat portal. Also, if you are thinking about the budget then don’t overthink, as the service charges are too pocket-friendly to afford.

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