Getting Invalid Response from iPhone? Fix Immediately

Invalid response from iPhone is a general cause that might irritate you in the middle of your important work. iTunes gives a simple and excellent way to play, download and manage the files on your PC. Sometimes there may be a problem while trying to connect your iPhone to the iTunes application on Windows. You get the message “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because the device received an invalid response”. That indicates your iPhone is not connected with your iTunes.

The cause of this error is most likely a mismatch problem. Your iTunes version may not be updated as well as not compatible with the iOS version. This application must have a specific version to work with iOS versions. In this guideline, you will get the necessary information that can help you to fix this issue.

Fix iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an Invalid Response was Received from the Device

Sometimes, restarting your system can help you to solve the problem If the problem still persists even after restarting the system, apply the steps:

Method 1 – Update the iTunes

Sometimes this issue happens when you have not updated the iTunes properly. Try the undermentioned points to complete this method.

If you are using the Windows PC then follow these steps,

  • Firstly, you have to open the iTunes application.
  • In that application, navigate to the Help section.
  • Tap on the Check for Updates option under the Help section.
  • If the update is available then click on the Update option.
  • After completing the updates process install it and then check whether iTunes works properly without any problem.

If you have a MAC device, then try these mentioned below points:

  • You go to the App Store
  • Then tap on the Update option.
  • After completing the process, install it. Restart your device and then check if the problem is fixed. After performing these steps if the problem is still there, then you can communicate with iTunes Support team.

Method 2 – Reinstall the iTunes

Another alternative is that you should uninstall it and again install the iTunes application. If you are using the Windows PC then go through the undermentioned steps:

  • Press the Windows and R key to launch the Run box, type Control Panel and then press the Enter key or tap on the OK option.
  • In the Control Panel window, navigate to the Programs and Features section.
  • Find the iTunes application from that list and click on it.
  • Tap on the Uninstall option. After completing the uninstall process, again install it from the Apple official website. Once the installation process is done, restart your system and then check whether the problem is resolved.  

If you have a Mac then,

  • Go to the Spotlight Search and type Terminal.
  • Choose the Terminal option.
  • Write cd /Applications/ and then hit the Enter.
  • Write sudo rm -rf and then hit the Enter button.
  • Then put the admin password. Once you have done, tap on the ‘Download now’ button. After downloading this file install it. After trying all the steps if the problem is still there then you can follow the next method.

Method 3 – Update the iPhone  

Updating the iPhone can resolve the matter.

  • You need to open the iPhone.
  • Then go to the Settings section.
  • In that section, navigate to the General section.
  • Then press on the Software Update option. Now your system will check whether the update is available or not.
  • If yes, then tap on the ‘Download and Install’ option.
  • Put the password and then tap on the Agree option to start the Downloading process.
  • Once it is done, install it and then check if the problem persists. After performing all the steps if you need any help then you can consult with iTunes Customer Support team to avail reliable service.

Professional Assistance Is A Call Away!

We hope, this article will definitely help you to fix the invalid response from iPhone issue. So try the above-mentioned methods one by one and solve this issue on your system. In case you face any problem to do these steps then you can contact at iTunes Customer Support team as per your convenience.

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