How To Solve iTunes Error 4013 | Apple Error 4013

iTunes Error 4013

iTunes is a fantastic application of Apple products which makes it unique from other digital gadgets. However,  iTunes error 4013 is an annoying issue for Apple users. Users become frustrated especially during the data recovery, as this error prevents the process to propagate smoothly. Therefore, the chances of data loss become high after upgrading iTunes as well as Apple devices. So, you may take help from this article to resolve this error on your own.

Take a closer look into iTunes Error 4013

iTunes Error is one of the significant drawbacks of Apple devices. This iTunes error diminishes the performance of your Apple device. Thus, while you are trying to upgrade the iOS device or retrieve the data from your iOS device, it prevents the entire Firewall process. Even after a particular time, iTunes loses the capability to restore the data from your Apple device permanently.

Possible Reasons behind the iTunes Error Code 4013

  • It is related entirely to a hardware error. It occurs due to a faulty cable or port failure. Therefore, the problem arises while the connectivity error occurs between your PC or Mac system and the iPhone/iPad.
  • Sometimes, the misconfiguration of the Apple device becomes responsible for creating the iTunes conflict.
  • One of the most common problems is a Wireless connection error. If your Wifi generates a weak signal, then iTunes Error 4013 might occur.
  • Another reason may be the corruption of the iTunes files which can be considered as an internal error.

Resolve Error 4013 iTunes in Easy Ways

Here, we have discussed some of the fundamental solutions for iTunes error code 4013, which you may try on your own. Give it a shot!

Method 1: Upgrade your Apple Device(iPhone/iPad)

First, disconnect your iPhone device from your Mac or PC. Now, restart your iPhone device by tapping and holding the Home button respectively for a fraction of second.

After that, press the sleep/wake button at once for 10-15 seconds. Now, you can see that your iPad/iPhone has restarted automatically.

Then, re-connect your iPhone device with your computer and try to update or restore it.

Method 2: Verify Cable

Disconnect your iPhone from the PC and use a different cable to reconnect it. Make sure, that both the devices PC/Mac and the iPhone/iPad are connected through this cable properly.

Secondly, you might try to restore the data from your iPad into your MacBook and check whether they can send/receive the data or not. If there is no conflict, it means the previous cable was defective. So, immediately, change the cable to remove the iTunes error 4013.

Method 3: Remove Port Issue

First, you have to check the used port is defective or not. So, connect your iPad/iPhone with your Mac via a different port. Now, check whether error 4013 iTunes persists or not. If it creates a good connection, then you might be sure that the previously used port was damaged. So, repair it as soon as possible.

Method 4: Modify Settings

First, reboot your iPad/iPhone properly. Now, after restarting your iPad/iPhone, open the Settings menu. Secondly, go to the General settings under the section “Settings” and tap on it.

Thirdly, click on the “Reset” option and you will get another window with multiple options. Now, choose the option, “Reset all settings” and confirm the changes by entering the existing password for further verification of the reset process.

Method 5: Update iTunes

Open your iTunes page from your iPhone device and choose the option “Help” at the top of the iTunes window. Then, choose the option, “Check for Updates” and click “OK” to confirm the updating process.

Now, wait for several minutes until the updating process is done successfully. Don’t turn off your Apple device during this process because improper installation may create conflicts in Error 4013 iTunes.

Method 6: Fix Wifi Error

Disconnect wireless connections both from your Mac and iPhone and reboot them. Now, wait several times to re-connect both the devices through WiFi. Then, try to connect with a different network and check whether the iTunes error 4013 is removed or not. Make sure, that WiFi shows a fair signal. Otherwise, iTunes error code 4013 will keep flashing on your device and you may also get the iTunes Error 9.

Additional Information

Make sure that you are using iTunes with the latest version. Otherwise, it will be incompatible with your Apple device. Secondly, both the resource and target devices of Apple should be updated. Thirdly, your device should be properly charged. Otherwise, your iTunes will not work.

We hope the above methods will be helpful to resolve the Error 4013 iTunes. However, if you are not a tech-savvy person, then it will be quite difficult for you. Therefore, you may connect with us for a hassle-free service.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What causes iPhone error 4013?

In principle, an iPhone 4013 error occurs when the updating or restoration process causes problem. 
You may accidentally have your iPhone or iOS device disconnected during the update process, or you
may have software error which prevents proper update.

How do I fix error 4013 on iPhone 5s?

Please ensure that you use USB port of Apple.
If it is connected correctly, check the cable connection.
Remove the cable to see whether it works.
Take another USB port.
Try to connect to different PC.

How do you fix iPhone could not be restored?

Update iTunes On Your PC. Reboot Your PC. Hard Reset Your iPhone When Plugged Into The PC.  
Use different USB port or computer. DFU Restores your iPhone. Test different Lightning/USB cable. 
If there is any other failure: Repair options for your iPhone.
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