Easy Guide To Solve iTunes Error 54

When you try to sync your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes, you often receive iTunes error 54. It happens because the synchronization of these devices with iTunes fails. It also occurs due to a locked iOS device on your computer. This article throws light upon the possible causes of iTunes sync error 54. You will even get some easy tricks which you can use to remove this error from your system.

Causes of iTunes Error 54

  • The primary factor that generates this error code is an outdated version of the iOS device.
  • If your PC has a third-party software, it can interfere with the syncing process.
  • When you try to sync a large amount of data, you receive this error code.
  • You may come across iTunes error 54 while transferring iTunes purchases from your iOS device.  It can also appear when you try to sync your device with iBooks. It indicates that the problem is arising from the PDF file that you have saved to iBooks on your iOS device.
  • You will undoubtedly face this issue if you do not update iTunes and try to sync it with your iOS device.
  • The problem emerges when iOS fail to update correctly or you installed a corrupted update.
  • If you store music and videos in different locations on your iOS device, there are higher chances of encountering iTunes error 54.

Below are the Secondary Causes of iTunes Error 54

The upgraded apps on your iOS device can cause incompatibilities with iTunes. Lack of updated firmware for your iOS device can resist the sync activity. Malicious programs such as virus, adware or spyware can enter and damage your system.

It can also affect iTunes and other apps on your device. The problem may occur when you transfer iTunes related files from your iOS device to another device. Your iOS device may lack the latest software updates and lead to this error. You may get the error when another program tries to access the same file that your iTunes is trying to sync.

Unauthorized permission to modify the files stored in the iOS device or iTunes folder. You cannot sync your iOS device with iTunes if you have set the iTunes folder to Read-only. Finally, Windows 10 update file can modify the folder permissions and stop the synchronization.

Methods to fix iTunes Error 54

Restart the Computer and Reinstall Itunes

Most of the sync related issues arise when you restart your PC. If it doesn’t work, then uninstall iTunes from your iOS device and reinstall it. After that open iTunes and check for updates. If any latest update is available, iTunes will automatically download them and restart itself.

Authorize Computer in Itunes

This method is essential if you are using a new computer. Open iTunes and go to ‘Store.’ Now enter your Apple ID and authorize the computer to modify the iTunes related files. When iTunes folder on the computer’s hard drive lacks correct permission, the sync operation fails. Therefore, right-click your iTunes folder and choose ‘Properties.’ If the property is set to Read-only, then uncheck it.

Upgrade your IOS

If your iOS does not have the latest updates, search for them and install them on your device. Upgrade the firmware for your iOS device. Uninstall any third-party software from your system and again try to sync iTunes with your iOS device.

Run Itunes as an Administrator

When you do not have permission to sync your iTunes related files, sign in as an administrator. Now you can try to sync iTunes with your iOS device to check that it has solved this problem.

Scan your Computer for Malicious Programs

Virus or malware can be the underlying cause of many problems such as the syncing one. Hence, scan your system for virus or malware and utilize an antivirus or antimalware to remove them from your PC.

Consolidate all the Media Files in the Itunes folder

If you store music and videos in different locations on your iOS device, then move them to your iTunes folder. Besides this, sync minimum data at a time. It aslo helps to identify the problematic contents that are causing this issue.

Redownload and Reimport Content

If the content of the iTunes Store is causing this error, then delete them. Now redownload the content directly to your iOS devices. If the content of the iTunes store is not the source of this error, delete them and reimport them from their original source.

Remove PDF Files from the Sync Process

Open iBooks on your iOS device and use the share option to email the PDF to your email account. It saves the copy of the PDF in your email account so that you can share it with your contacts. After completing this task, remove PDF from your device.

Identify Software Conflicts

Open antivirus settings and disable real-time protection. It is to prevent another file from accessing the file your iTunes is trying to sync.  Otherwise, it won’t allow you to carry out the synchronization, and you will again get the same error.

Use Itunes in Compatibility Mode

Right-click on iTunes and select ‘Properties.’ Choose the compatibility mode and save it on your device. Then open iTunes and retry the sync between iTunes and the iOS device.

Modify the Permissions for Itunes

At first, close iTunes and open File Explorer to navigate to the iTunes folder. Right-click on iTunes and select ‘Properties.’ Select the ‘Security’ tab and choose ‘System’ and click on the ‘Edit’ button. Then check ‘Allow’ or the ‘Full Control’ box apply it to your iTunes. If it has solved your issue, then iTunes sync error 54 won’t appear again.

Get in Touch for Professional Assistance

If you fail to identify the factor which is causing iTunes Error 54, you won’t be able to troubleshoot the error by yourself. But if you can find out the cause of your problem, try out the solutions to fix the issue. If the error still persists, then you can connect with our iTunes Customer Support Team. We deploy trained software specialists to deal with iTunes related errors. Therefore, Dial iTunes Customer Support Number +855-534-1508 or mail us to register your problem. ‘Live Chat’ is another communication channel by which you can discuss your issue directly with our experts. You can avail our support 24*7 and get advanced solutions in your budget.

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