Resolve If Your iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone Issues

If you are facing this iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone issue. Be relaxed about it, you are not the only one with this error. A lot of iPhone users have reported lately about this problem. Although it is not something that cant be fixed. Simple following these steps will help you to resolve the issue.

iTunes Won't Detect iPhone

Basically, there could be a number of reasons which may cause this issue. Which will make your iTunes freeze or not responding while you try to connect iTunes to your iPhone or Mac. You may also encounter an iTunes not connected iPhones issue.

So, here I have listed some of the simple easy to follow solutions and reasons along with that.  Keep on reading to know the trick you can try to resolve the issue.

Reasons For iTunes Connection Issues

Before directly getting into the solution part, it would be good to know where the solution should apply. In simple terms, a better understanding of the problem will help you resolve the issue quickly.

⇒ See if the version of iTunes you are using is updated or not. An outdated version of iTunes may cause a compatibility issue.

⇒ If the system you are using is not up to date then iTunes won’t detect iPhone.

⇒ Check that if the device is power on mood. Also if your device is asking for trusted permission, Click on the option and allow permission.

⇒ While you are trying to connect to iTunes and experiencing a problem. Just remove all the USB cables except the USB connected to your iPhone. And check whether the ports are functioning or not.

⇒ If the device you are using is at fault then also you will face this issue. Check the device or you can use different Computers to connect to iTunes.

Update iTunes to the Latest Version

Please make sure that iTunes software installed on both devices is updated. Because if the software is not updated then it will create a problem connecting to iTunes. However, you will get notified when an update is available. In case you miss out on an update you can still do that by going to the update tools in the software.

Once you updated the software on both devices now reinstall the software. After the installation process is done then open iTunes and try to establish the connection you will not face iTunes won’t Detect iPhone issues.

Update the Device Driver

If the previously mentioned solution did not work out for you. Then you can try this process. Sometimes in order to make a glitch-free connection, it’s important to update the device driver. If the driver in your iPhone is not up to date the considers updating the software it will resolve the iTunes won’t Detect iPhone.

iTunes Wont detect iPhone

If you in case you don’t see the apple driver on your PC then it means your iPhone is not installed on the PC. Install the phone and then try connecting.

Reset Back to Default

If still, you are not able to make the connection with iTunes. As a last resource, you have the option to Factory reset your iPhone. This is the sure trick method if none of the above-mentioned solutions didn’t work out for you. It will reset all the settings and remove all the glitches if any.


itunes unable connect to iphone

To do this you need to go to your phones in general settings. And check for the factory setting option and enter the option. If you are finding it difficult to complete the process. You can connect with our tech support and get it done by our expert professionals.

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How do I get my iPhone to show up in iTunes?

Close it if iTunes opens. Click and hold the Start button (or right-click) then select Device Manager. 
Set up the Portable Devices section and expand it. Research your connected device (e.g. Apple iPhone),
click on the device name to the right and select the driver Update.

Why iTunes Cannot detect my iPhone?

There are some grounds for not recognising an iPhoto by iTunes. physical problem may occur like a
defective USB or USB port on the computer. Debris may block the port for the iPhone or software
issue may arise.

How do I reboot my iPhone 12?

The iPhone X, XS, iPhones, XR and iPhones 11 or 12 will be restarted forcibly. Press the volume up
button and release it quickly. Press and release the volume down button quickly. Release the button
when the Apple logo appears.
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