Mac Trackpad Not Working? [7 Proven Methods]

Worried why your Mac trackpad is not working? Well, you are not alone as most of the users encounter various issues related to trackpad. For instance, gesture of the trackpad not working, the double-click of your trackpad is not functioning, trackpad freezing, mouse pointer not moving, etc. 

However, fixing trackpad issues is not an easy task. But you can resolve it with a few manual tweaks. 

In case you are still wondering what are the exact process to resolve the issue, follow the proven methods given underneath. 

Effective Tricks to Fix Mac Trackpad Not Working: 

Follow the steps described below to fix Mac mouse not working without any hassle. 

Method 1: Remove the Connected Mouse if Any 

Generally, if there is any external mouse connected to your connected laptop, then probably this can be the cause of the problem. Therefore, always ensure that no other mouse is connected. 

Not only a wired mouse but even a Bluetooth mouse can create different issues in your trackpad. 

Method 2: Check for macOS Updates 

Checking for Mac OS updates can be other essential step to fix this kind of issue. If there are any errors in the operating system, then also most of the trackpad issue triggers. Therefore to check for Mac OS updates, you have to perform the following. 

  • At first, on your Mac, launch the App Store to check if any updates are available for your trackpad. Then, click on the Updates option.
  • After that, search for anything called “Trackpad Firmware Update”. You can then search for something similar to this also. 
  • Then, just click on the update button. Thereafter, follow all the on-screen instructions. 

Method 3: Check for Software Updates 

To fix your problem, this is another effective method to try out. By opening the System Preferences app, you can check for software updates. 

In the third row, you will find the Software Update section and open it. If there are any updates available, it will check those automatically. 

If any update is available, download it and check if the problem is fixed. 

Method 4: Reset SMC 

At times, the SMC or System Management Controller is responsible for many of the low-level functions. Hence, many trackpad problems arise. You should also know that it is not directly related to the trackpad. 

So, if you want to start then, shut down your Mac first. If your Mac has a removable battery, then remove the battery and the power source. 

Next, for five seconds press and hold the power button. Then, reinstall the battery. If your mac has a non-removable battery then on your built-in keyboard you need to hold down ctrl+option+shift. 

After that, just press and hold the power button for at least ten seconds. After ten seconds you need to release them. To turn the MacBook back on, press the power button.  

Method 5: Check the Settings 

To check your Mac operating system is up to date and still, have a non-working trackpad, check the settings section. Then, follow the steps to launch your trackpad settings. 

  • First, click on the Apple icon. You will find that option in the top left corner of your screen. 
  • Now from the menu, select the System Preferences option. 
  • After that, from the System Preferences window, launch the Trackpad app. 

Lastly, check if the trackpad is working correctly.

Method 6: Delete Trackpad Property List Files 

As we are focusing on the mac trackpad problems, there are only two files to look for. At first, you have to open the Finder. After that, open the Go menu option. 

Now, click go to Folder menu entry. Here just type the command and that is “Library/Preferences”. Thereafter, click on the GO option. 

Now, search the following files. If any of this is present, then you just need to delete it. After that, you have to restart your computer. 

Method 7: Reset PRAM/NVRAM

To reset PRAM/NVRAM, there are some of the steps that you need to perform. Carefully follow the below-stated steps.

At first, shut down your Mac. After that, press Option+Command+P+R. For at least twenty seconds you need to hold them. After you hear the startup sound for a second time then you can release the keys. 

Endnote to Fix Mac Trackpad

Therefore, if your mouse is not working on the Mac, then follow the steps without making any mistake and check which procedure is most reliable for you. However, keep following our website for future tech-related posts.

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