Macbook Not Charging? Quick And Easy Fixes

One of the best features of using a Macbook is the fact that it provides an option for you to carry it around anywhere and do your work at any time. But here’s the deal that is bothersome about this entire outlook and that is when your Macbook not charging

You might note that the device fails to charge even if the charging cable is plugged inappropriately. Otherwise, there can be a fair chance that the charging icon appears but the device fails to charge. The underlying reason can be a hardware or software issues.

So, if you are encountering this unfortunate event then do not worry, as this article will serve you a great deal of help. Hence, without further adieu, let us go through the rest of the article to resolve this problem at the earliest. 

Reasons Why Macbook Not Charging

There are a few trivial reasons why Macbook Pro not charging. Although they seem trivial, they can turn out to be bigger problems if not checked. 

  • Connections are broken. 
  • Settings are not right/incorrect.
  • The Battery condition is critical.
  • Over-use of laptop producing overheat. 

Now, that you have checked the reasons, let us proceed to the next section as well. 

6 Solutions to Resolve if Macbook not Charging

Here are a few steps that are written for you so that you can fix it if Macbook battery not charging. But, keep in mind that you should read them thoroughly and step by step. If you skip a method, then you won’t be able to fix it.

Solution 1: Do a Physical Inspection 

Before you delve any deeper, it is advisable that you start with the basics that go unnoticed. If you are facing trouble charging your Macbook then first check if the power cable is working or not.

Check the entire cable for any loose or broken ends. If you come to find any, then you know what the problem is. In that case, change the cable and get a new one, preferably that is compatible with the device. 

The next thing to do is to inspect the USB ports. Often times, it is very likely that some foreign objects have gotten inside or it could also be that dust has been accumulating over a course of time which could affect. 

If you find so, then use a toothpick to get it out or use a dry paper cloth to clean the dust off. Also, make sure that the power is plugged to the socket tightly. It might get loose and that could be the reason. 

Solution 2: Reboot or Reset Macbook OS

The next solution is to restart your MacBook from fresh. The reason this solution is quite helpful is that the hardware that is responsible for the charging of the system might get frozen, just like applications do. 

This mainly happens when the RAM is full, which means too many functions are paralleling working at the same time. To restart, this is what you need to do:

First, locate the “Apple” logo on the screen and click on it. Then, among the options, choose the “Restart” option. Now after the system restarts, try charging and check if it is charging or not. 

If the problem has not been solved then go to the next solution below.

Solution 3: Cross-Check the Health of Battery

If you’ve been using the system very intensely then it is advisable to check the health of the battery as it can drain out sooner than you can expect, especially if you have not been charging it before using the system rigorously. 

To check the health, locate the Battery icon on the Menu Panel, click on it and simultaneously hold the “Alt” button. Here, the system will tell you one of the 4 conditions of the battery state. 

These 4 conditions are:

  • Normal- This implies that the system’s battery performance is well. 
  • Replace Soon- This indicates that even though the battery is working well, its capacity for holding the charge is less than before. 
  • Replace Now- This implies that you must consider replacing it quickly as it does not hold the charge very well. 
  • Service Battery- This indicates that you should stop everything and replace it immediately so that the system is not damaged. 

Solution 4: Reset System Management Controller

Do you know that the “System Management Controller” is in charge of battery performance? If your Mac system is refusing to charge then resetting the SMC is likely to help the problem. 

Keep in mind that this process of resetting is different for both non-removable and removable battery types. So, to steer clear, you must find out first which type does your Mac OS has. 

If you have a non-removable battery type function for your Mac OS then here’s what to do:

First, switch off your MacBook and then press the “Ctrl” and the “Shift” key together. Keep it on hold for about 10 seconds. Thereafter, release the keys and then again press and hold the power key to switch your system back on. 


Solution 5: Cool Down the System

It could be a great possibility that the system might be used so much that it has gotten overheated. There is a function called thermal sensors, which can detect any extreme rise of temperature. 

When that happens, this function will automatically stop the access to the battery which is mainly for security measures. So, in such cases, exit all the applications that you’ve been working on and switch off the system for a period of time. 

Let the system wait for a while until the heat cools down and then check if the battery is charging or not. 

Solution 6: Quit battery-draining Applications

This goes without saying that some applications are bound to drain an excessive amount of battery. On such occasions, you must consider quitting them or simply, use a tool called “CleanMyMac X”. 

When you open the application, you will be shown the list of applications that are draining out the battery. This tool may not be inbuilt in the system. However, you can download this tool from an online site that is verified and virus-free. Additionally, it can be helpful to you for maintenance purposes. 


As you already know by now what to do if Macbook Pro battery not charging. So, if you liked this article, or more precisely if these solutions served your purpose then great! However, if you have any queries then you can state that in the comment section. You can also follow our site for more tech-related articles. 

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