How to Fix Requires Newer Version iTunes Error

Requires Newer Version iTunes

Often, Apple users come across “Requires newer version iTunes error” that prevents them to use their favorite iPhone due to a lack of specific software. As this error occurs, it displays an error notification stating this iPhone cannot be used because the required software is not installed. Also, it can lock the device and ask the users to remove the current iTunes version and reinstall the 64-bit program on PC. There are many users who have tried this method but, ended up removing multiple Apple apps for initiating iTunes reinstallation. So, if you are also facing a similar problem with your iPhone and want some technical fixes, keep reading this article.

Here, you will get to learn why your iPhone is showing this error and what’s the role of iTunes in it. Also, you can go through some easy hacks, which you can apply for fixing this iPhone error and use your gadget like before. In case you need some technical advice from certified professionals, you can connect with us for the best iTunes Support at a budgeted price. So, let’s discuss the issue of non-responding to iPhones due to software problems.

Why “this iPhone Cannot be used because the Required Software is not Installed” notification appears on your Apple gadget?

First of all, when customers see the notification regarding this iPhone cannot be used because the required software is not installed, they fail to understand the underlying reason. However, in order to resolve this iPhone or iTunes error, they need to figure out why you are getting this message. If you fail to understand the exact causes and start applying the solutions beforehand, then your device may be prone to further damage. Hence, you can get in touch with iTunes Customer Service experts for providing technical fixes without damaging your iPhone. Let’s cover a few reasons that may trigger your iPhone to not respond and blame the software for the error.

Common Causes for this Error

Take a look at the following points to understand why your device is displaying “this iPhone cannot be used because the required software is not installed”.

  • Incomplete installation of iTunes can cause “Requires a Newer Version of iTunes” error.
  • In case your Apple device lacks decent archiving software to extract iTunes installation data, it can lead to this notification on the iPhone.
  • Many users have reported that they are getting this error due to missing AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi file on their iPhone.
  • If your iPhone version doesn’t support the iTunes installer program, there are chances of receiving this notification.
  • Sometimes, you can also experience this error if you are using an outdated Apple application. As such programs are necessary for running various applications on your iPhone, iPod or any other gadget.

How to resolve the message regarding iPhone cannot be used due to missing necessary software?

Check out the following steps if the software required for communicating with iPods is not installed correctly. For correct installation techniques, you can reach our experts and ask for iTunes Customer Service. Now, take a look at the solutions.

  1. Press Windows and R buttons altogether on Windows OS for opening the Run dialog box. In case it’s Mac, use CMD and R simultaneously.
  2. Find the ‘Control Panel’ and go to ‘Devices & Printers’. Search for your Apple iPhone in the Devices section and right-click on it.
  3. Then choose ‘Properties’ and hit the ‘Hardware’ tab. Open the properties window and click on the ‘Driver’ button.
  4. Under the ‘Update Driver’, click on ‘Browse’ and then search for the Apple driver. Otherwise, go to C, then Program Files and select Common Files. Find the Apple folder, open Mobile Device Support and then click Drivers. Finally, allow your system to update the drivers automatically.
  5. Get a new iTunes installer, extract the files using WinRar or any other extracting software.

However, make sure to run iTunes only after ensuring that your device is operating in compatibility mode. To check this, you can take help from iTunes Customer Support professionals and fix it if you require a newer version of iTunes.

Contact iTunes Customer Service and get Reliable Solution

We provide instant and affordable services to fix iTunes issues on your iPhone. Hence, you can approach our iTunes Customer Support team and ask for suitable solutions regarding why the device says this iPhone cannot be used because the required software is not installed. We have customized services for everyone and you will receive the solutions after conducting extensive research on Apple gadgets. If the error cannot be solved, then Requires a Newer Version of iTunes. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing the problem due to hardware or software, Our experts can resolve it quickly. To place your order, you can get in touch with our iTunes Support executives and discuss your requirements anytime.  

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