Forgot iPhone Passcode – Recover With 5 Easy Solutions

An iPhone is famous for its hassle-free performance and its security. The device gives you the facility to protect it with a password. Unfortunately, if you forgot iPhone passcode, then you cannot use your iPhone further. Don’t fret in such a situation. You can reset the password with effective solutions.

However, to recover the passcode or reset it, you can go through the article. The given steps can help you to fix the error on your own. Hope you succeed to recover the password.

Forgot iPhone Passcode? Recover it with easy solutions

To recover the forgotten password, you can use the iTunes, iClouds and the recovery mode. Go through the solutions and perform them until you can reset the password.

Solution 1: Reset the Passcode with iTunes

If you use the iTunes to sync your iPhone regularly, then you can quickly recover the password with the help of it. To reset the iPhone through the iTunes, follow the steps.

  • At first, connect the iPhone with the computer or Mac which you use to sync the phone. Now, go to the iTunes and check if the device is responding.
  • If not, then try to sync it with the Mac or the PC.
  • After completing the backup or sync, you can restore the iPhone by selecting the option ‘Restore iPhone’.
  • Then select Restore from iTunes backup to set up the iPhone.

At the time of restoration, all the data, as well as the password of your device will be replaced with the backup files. After that, you can set a new password and use the iPhone.

Solution 2: Reset the Passcode with iClouds

Similarly, if you forgot iPhone passcode, you can recover it with the help of iClouds. Only if you use the iClouds to sync your device, then you can retrieve the password with the help of it. Before following the steps, you need to turn on ‘Find My iPhone’ feature.

  • At first, you need to visit the to login to your Apple account.
  • Now, select the option ‘Find My iPhone’ and click on ‘All devices from the Window’.
  • After that, locate your iPhone from the list and erase it with the forgotten passcode.
  • Then with the help of the setup assistant, you can restore the latest backup of your device.

Now, all of your data will be replaced by the backup and you can use the iPhone without the password.

Solution 3: Reset the Password with Recovery Mode

In case, you have sync your account with neither iTunes nor iClouds; then the only solution is Recovery mode. If you forgot iPhone password, try the following solutions to rescue it.

  • First of all, turn off the iPhone and disconnect it from all the devices and wait or a minute.
  • After that, turn it on manually by pressing the Home button. Hold it until you can find the Connect to iTunes option on the screen. You may see a message displaying that the iTunes has successfully detected a device in the recovery mode.
  • Now, restore the iPhone to erase all the data and the factory settings. You can use it without the password, at the same time you can create a new one.

Solution 4: Use Siri to Unlock the iPhone without Password

If the above resolutions fail to recover your iPhone, then you can use the Siri to rescue the device. In the iPhone, you may find an option, ‘Allow access to Siri when locked with a passcode’. If you enabled it earlier, then it can help you to access the device when you forgot iPhone Passcode. Though it is not that much secure, still you can use it to unlock your iPhone. However, to unlock the phone without a password, first of all, open the settings and select the General option from there.  Now, click on the Passcode lock option and allow the Siri to access the device without the password. When you can access it, you can quickly change the password as per your need.

Solution 5: Use other Tool

Apart from these, you can try other tools when you forgot iPhone Password. If you search for it, you can find it in the search engine. The tools can help you to restore the password without any difficulty. Still, it is better to recover it manually with the help of the given four solutions.

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