How to Activate New iPhone through iTunes?

Often, iPhone users can experience the issue of deactivation of their devices due to various technical issues. Many times, this leads to the much-complicated error where it doesn’t allow the users to activate their iPhones. So, when this activation problem occurs on iPhone, it can simply generate an alert message for the customers. According to this notification, it states that the activation server is not reachable at that specific moment. In some cases, the issue can also occur if the SIM card is not compatible with the iPhone. Fortunately, there are certain technical methods that can resolve this error and reactivate your iPhone. In many cases, users have reactivated their iPhone using iTunes or any other Apple apps. So, if you are experiencing this error and don’t know how to activate the iPhone through iTunes, keep reading this article.

Here, it will cover some specific solutions, which focus on utilizing iTunes for activating your iPhone. Also, for those who want to approach professional iTunes expert to troubleshoot this error, they can get in touch with us. So, go through this entire content to know more about the benefits of getting help from our iTunes Customer Service professionals.

Why do you need to know “How to Activate iPhone through iTunes?”

Before you start applying the fixes and activate your iPhone, you should know why this problem is occurring. Then, you will prevent the causes and make sure that your gadget doesn’t deactivate again. So, when you start the setup for a brand new iPhone or even an existing one after restoring iTunes, it displays a ‘Hello’ screen on it. Here, you need to provide the user’s details and begin the activation process, which may disrupt due to many reasons. Hence, let’s discuss a few possible reasons that can lead to iPhone deactivation and cause this issue. After that, you can learn the steps regarding “how to activate iPhone through iTunes?”

Major Causes of the Activation Error on your iPhone

So, if you are unable to activate your iPhone and you aren’t sure what has lead to this error, go through the following points:

Unresponsive Activation Server

When you try to restore your iPhone using any of the other Apple apps, it requires activation by means of connecting to the servers. However, there are certain situations, when the server can simply become unavailable for the users to process any requests. In most cases, the reason behind this server error can be downtime issue or too much traffic simultaneously trying to access it. So, if you are trying to activate your device right after a new iPhone model launch event, you can experience this issue.

Incompatible SIM Card on iPhone

Users can sometimes place SIM cards in their iPhones, which are not even compatible with the gadget. Hence, in such circumstance, the iPhone can refuse to activate even if there are no specific technical issue. So, make sure that you are inserting a SIM card suitable to operate in an iPhone, it can result in deactivation.

Incomplete Activation Procedure

For some users, they can face some sort of glitches in their iPhone or even in the internet connection. This can be one of the reasons that can prevent iPhones to activate properly. Also, it can be the case that you have initiated the iPhone activation task but, didn’t complete the steps.

So, it doesn’t matter what is the underlying reason behind this activation issue on iPhone, you can still fix it. Hence, go through the solution part for troubleshooting this error. Otherwise, you can consult our iTunes Customer Support team to ask how to activate iPhone X or any other gadget.

What are the Solutions to Fix the iPhone Activation problem?

If you don’t know how to activate new iPhone device or an old one, you can try the following steps:

Your first task is to check whether the SIM card is supported by your iPhone. If not, then either replace the SIM card or consult a technician to activate your iPhone.

Many aren’t aware “how to activate iPhone X?” So, to activate your iPhone, you may try to login with your Apple ID or any other account like iTunes. You can also restore your device’s data from iTunes by following technical instructions.

If the Apple server is down and causing this error, you can contact the website support team for further assistance. Otherwise, simply contact iTunes Customer Support professionals and ask regarding the latest iTunes updates or iPhone activation tools.

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