How To Clear Storage On Mac: An Ultimate Guide

Mac is quite a versatile brand in the world of computers and laptops. The products of this brand is not only known for its name but also offer quality and innovative features.

However, there might be a time comes when the device is completely full of the files and other aspects. In that case, users find difficulty in storing any other programs further that result in the memory full issue.

So, it is quite important for the users to know how to clear storage on Mac to free up disk space. Further, if you are wondering about the solutions to free up disk space, have a look at this article till the end.

This article covers all the verified aspects and solutions that will definitely help you in freeing up space in every possible way.

Effective Solutions to Know How to Clear Storage on Mac:

So, here are the solutions to let you know how to clear system storage on Mac in minutes.

You can try any of the steps or try all the steps that we have discussed below as per your need for how much free space you want.

Method 1: Check your Trash Files from Mac

It may not sound good, but whenever we delete any of the files from Mac, we forget to empty the Trash folder that occupies the disk space. So, it is recommended to delete the trash files from the Mac to free up disk space.

To delete the trash files and folders, first, turn on the Mac and locate the Dock panel from the screen. Double-click the option and select the Trash option inside the Dock panel folder.

After that, right-click the Trash option and select the Empty Bin option from the menu. Next, click on the Yes button to continue.

After completing the above task accurately, close all the tabs and see if space is freed now on your computer. Here are many ways we have discussed below to free up disk space.

Method 2: Delete the Downloads on your Mac

Deleting the old downloaded files from the folder is another way to get some free space on your Mac device. Sometimes the users download several applications and other files which has been saved for a long time and cause the storage issue.

Hence, to delete the downloads on your Mac, first, turn on the computer and locate the Locations option. After that, select the option and click the Downloads option from the right side of the menu. Select all the downloaded files from the folder on the next screen by pressing Ctrl+A. 

Right-click anywhere in the selected files and select the Delete option. Then click the Okay button to finish. To free up more memory storage on your Mac, here is another way that you can try.

Method 3: Clear the Cache Files from your MacBook

Cache files are the temporary files and folders that are developed by the applications and other internet browsers. These cache files occupy too much space.

In order to free up disk space, you need to clear all the cache files and folders manually from your Mac.

Here are the tips to accomplish the above task.

  1. Turn on the MacBook and open the Finder window from the left side of the screen.
  2. When the Finder windows open, locate the Library option from the list and click on that option.
  3. Select the Cache option from the next menu and then the Cache folder will appear on the next screen.
  4. Select all the files by pressing Ctrl+A key on your keyboard and right-click anywhere on the selected area.
  5. Click the Move to Bin option from the sub-menu and click the Confirm button to delete all the cache files.

When the files are deleted successfully, drive to the Trash Bin folder as discussed above and delete those files.

Now, restart the Mac and see how much space you have cleared. If you want some more space to be freed, then these are the steps to do so.

Method 4: Remove Language Resources from the Device

Language resources are none other than the data which are stored by different applications for various language formats. 

In short, Spotify has 54 different languages and if you don’t need all that language, you can delete those files to free up more space.

These are some of the steps to remove the language resources from your device that are not needed.

  1. Turn on the MacBook and open the Application menu from the Search bar.
  2. Now, when the Application menu opens, locate the Spotify option from the list and right-click on that.
  3. After that, select the Show Package Contents option from the next screen and find out the Resources option.
  4. Click the option and delete the unnecessary language files.

After deleting all the unnecessary language files, you can get too much free space on your device.

Method 5: Uninstall Unused Applications from MacBook

Check your application folder if there is a load of unused applications stored there. If there is seriously a bunch of applications that you are not using, then it might absorb your disk’s memory.

The following are some of the steps to uninstall unused applications.

  1. Turn on the MacBook and open the Search bar from the left pane of the screen.
  2. Type Application into the Search bar and tap the Enter key to open the application menu.
  3. After that, when the application menu opens, find out the application that you want to remove.
  4. Right-click the application and click the Remove option from the bottom of the screen.
  5. When the application is removed successfully, perform the same process to delete all the applications.

Now, restart the computer and you have freed up enough disk space now.

Bottom Lines

These are all effective methods to know how to clear system storage on Mac. If you have performed all the steps accurately, then this guide have undoubtedly helped you to free up the disk storage.

In case, we have missed any other solutions to free up disk space, then you can also share that in the comment section below.

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