How To Connect Mac Book To TV | Step Wise Procedure

how to connect macbook to tv

Nowadays, many users prefer to connect their Mac devices to TV units. So, if you want to understand how to connect MacBook to TV, go through this article. 

There are different ways by which you can connect your MacBook to a TV.  Hence, we will discuss the detailed procedure for connecting both devices effortlessly.

Methods To Connect MacBook To TV

There are two methods with which you can connect the MacBook to TV. So, let’s discuss them one by one.

Using Cable

We will elaborate on the process to connect MacBook To TV using cables. Follow the procedure below. 

Determine MacBook’s Video Outputs 

The 2015 edition of the MacBooks have USB C- ports, which is also known as thunderbolt located on the left side of the housing. 

If your MacBook is manufactured between 2009 through 2015, it will consist of a mini DisplayPort on the left side of the housing. 

Get an Adapter Cable and Turn Off the TV  

You now need a USB-C to HDMI cable to connect the MacBook to the TV. MacBook with MiniDisplay will require a cable that can connect between Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter. You will get these cables at any local electronics store or via an online shop. 

To prevent accidental damage to your TV,  turn it off after connecting the adapter cable.

Plug-in HDMI Cable to TV and MacBook 

A pentagonal slot on your TV is the HDMI port that you will be using now. It is a ¾ inch pentagonal slot. So, look at the back of your TV and you will find it. 

MacBooks manufactured after 2015 have a USB-C port. Hence, you need to insert the HDMI cable into that port. 

For the MiniDisplay models that are manufactured before 2015, it consists of a cable port. It needs to be plugged into a port that resembles a TV screen. 

Charge your MacBook before you begin using a USB-C port to connect your MacBook to a TV. 

Switch TV to the HDMI Source 

Find and press the Input, Video or Source button on your TV or Remote to select the HDMI port, already connected to your MacBook. 

Open Menu 

Click on the top-right portion of your screen on the Apple menu. It is to open the drop-down menu list and then click “System Preferences”. This will direct you to the new window. In the middle of the System Preferences window, you will find an option “Displays”. So, click on it. 

Click Detect Display To Direct Your Picture 

You need to press and hold the Options and click on the “Detect Display” option to direct your videos to the TV.  Also, select the Scaled box, which will help you select the resolution you want for your TV. 

Modify the Screen Scaling

You will find an Underscan slider located at the bottom-left of the page. Click on it and more options will appear from your Mac’s screen on the TV. You can only use the resolution your TV screen has, not more than that. 

Also, you cannot use your Mac’s resolution if it is higher than your TV.  A button that consists of 12 dots in a line is present at the upper-left corner of the System Preferences. This will take you back to the main menu, if necessary. 

Click Sound

You will see an icon that resembles a speaker. Click on Output that will bring out different speakers, which your Mac will have the access to. One of the speakers will be named after your TV. Hence, click on this specific name. 

This will change the speakers from Mac to TV.  Besides, if you see any highlighted television name, it is because your device is already using the TV speakers. If your model is between 2009 to 2015 manufacturing year, it outputs the video only. Hence, no audio will be supplied through the Mini DisplayPort. You have an option to connect to the external speakers using the headphone jack on your MacBook. This is how to connect MacBook to TV

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Using Apple TV

Connecting your Apple TV to your MacBook is a simple task. 

  • First, set up your Apple TV
  • Then, connect your MacBook to the same network as Apple TV
  • Enable AirPlay on your Apple TV
  • Press the AirPlay display
  • Select proper device for sound output 

How to Connect Macbook Air to TV?

MacBook Air displays have MiniDisplayPort as well as a Thunderbolt port or a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port. There are various methods of connecting a Macbook Air to a TV. So, let’s cover a few of them.

Using HDMI

Turn off your MacBook Air and TV. Plugin the HDMI cable into the Mini DisplayPort and the HDMI adapter. Attach the Mini DisplayPort to the HDMI adapter via the Lightning port. Turn on your TV and check the HDMI port. Your MacBook’s Contents will be cast to the TV. 

Using Apple TV

Connect both devices through the same network. You will see a drop-down menu list, from where you will have the option to: 

  • Mirror built-in display: Matches the resolution and the ratio to the TV. 
  • Mirror TV: It reconfigures your television’s resolution and ratio. 
  • Use as separate Display: This treats your monitor as an additional display. Click on preference to connect your Desired TV. Now, all the media will be played Via TV. 

Using Chromecast 

Chromecast lets you cast video, audio, etc. from your smartphone to the TV. So, if you pair it with the Chrome browser, you can use it to connect your MacBook Air to TV. 

Turn on your TV and set it to “Display Your Chromecast”. Connect the Chromecast and your TV to the same network. Open Google Chrome on MacBook and click on the Chromecast icon. Click on “Sources” and then on the “Cast” tab from the list available. Select the TV you want to cast to. Your tab will begin to display on your TV. 

Mirror MacBook Air to TV

Set to display your Chromecast after you turn on your TV. Connect the MacBook Air and your television using the same network. Using the same procedure discussed in the above process, you can cast the MacBook Air to TV. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have already connected your MacBook Air and/or MacBook to your television already. This article has helped many users understand how to connect the MacBook to TV and the procedure to connect the MacBook Air as well. 

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