Mac Battery Replacement: Few Ways To Do

The “Service Battery” is one of the most dreaded alerts that can be noticed by Mac users at least once. MacBook’s battery is one of the most expensive components that can never be serviced but can be replaced.

Though Apple manufactures reliable machines, they did not give any guarantee on battery. And it is often found out that after using it for one year, the battery starts to diminish its performance. In such cases, Mac battery replacement is the best solution to breathe new life into an old MacBook.

If you are one of the Mac device users and facing problems in the battery of your device, then before planning to replace your battery, you should take a look at the below section.

Review Battery Status of your MacBook:

If you are encountering any power-related issues, then this can be due to a problem with the battery. At this moment, Mac Air battery replacement is the perfect way for you to get rid of the problem.

But we suggest before going for a replacement, you should check the battery minutely. For checking the status of the battery, you should press down the Option button for two to three seconds.

After that, look at the small box that shows the battery percentage. You can find this box in the Menu bar. Here you will find one of these options that are stated below.

  • Normal: It indicates that your battery does not require replacement on the present situation.
  • Replace soon: It means that the battery has the capability to hold a charge but less than it did previously.
  • Replace now: It indicates that your battery has the minimum capacity of holding a charge.
  • Service battery: This is the last step. When your device shows this alert it indicates that you have to replace the battery as soon as possible.

Hopefully, those four states mean how important a battery replacement is. Apart from that, you can also check the exact number of charge cycles and discharge cycles. For checking this, follow the steps stated below.

At first, navigate to the Apple icon. You will find this icon on the top-left side of the display. Then, navigate to the About this Mac icon and click on it. Next, have a click on System Report.

After that, choose the Power icon and scroll down until you find the Cycle Count option. Once found, just tap on it and check the number of cycles.

It will give an idea of the durability of your battery. But in case if you find the cycle count is very less, then you should go for a replacement. It will be better for you.

If you are not a tech-savvy person, then we recommend not to perform the replacement on your own. Without tech-knowledge, it is quite difficult to understand the suitable battery and the technicalities that should be followed.


We expect that the above information will be enough for your Mac battery replacement. In case if you have any further problems, then contact a technician who will help you out in suggesting to you exactly what you should do. 

For more tech-related guidance, you can follow our future posts.

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