How to Recover Forgot Mac Password [Stepwise Instructions]

Are you seeking help regarding how to recover forgot Mac password? Then this article is the correct choice of yours. Here, we have come up with some amazing hacks that will be reliable for you in recovering the forgotten Mac password.

Placing a password will defend your Mac device from invaders. At the same time, it is useful if your device is lost or stolen. But remembering the password is equally important for you. Hence, we recommend you to note down the password so that you don’t forget it further.

How to Recover Forgot Mac Password? 

Have a deep look at the rest of the guide and follow the steps exactly the same as stated below. But you have to apply the measures carefully without making any mistakes.

Solution 1: Get a Password Hint

At first, you should check whether the password hint refreshes your memory before going to reset the password. To review the hint, follow the steps that are stated below.

At first, you have to click on the Preferences tab and click on the Users and Groups tab. After that, navigate to the Lock icon located at the bottom left of the screen.

Now, press down the Return button three times. If you are still unable to see the password hint, then you have to change the settings as well. 

Alternative Way to Find a Password Hint:

First of all, you have to navigate to the System Preferences tab and click on it. After that, select Users & Groups by clicking on it.

Now, choose the Login icon. If needed, then put the correct credentials in the respective field and mark tick the small box that is asking to show the password hint further.

Solution 2: Change the Password from Another Account

In case if you have ever shared your password with another, then they can easily access your account and you might face few problems while logging in. in such cases, you have to reset the password from another account and solve the problems that you are encountering.

At first, tap on the Apple icon that is located at the top left of the screen. Now, choose Log Out option and choose an account you desire to log out. Be sure that you know the password of that account you have chosen.

Now, put the password in the correct field and click on the System Preferences tab. Now, navigate to choose Users & Groups option. Look at the left of the display and tap on the Lock icon.

For once more, enter the password. Now, you have to choose the account of which you have forgotten the password. Next, you should write down a new password. Then verify it and also give a password hint.

Finally, click on the Change Password icon. Hopefully, you have changed the password successfully. Remember that, when you are going to log in, you have to provide the new password in the field.

Solution 3: Reset Password Through Recovery Mode

If the first two methods did not help you in recovering forgot Mac password, then try this one. The very first thing you have to do is to turn off your Mac device by clicking on the Shutdown icon.

After that, press down the Command and the R button at the same time to boot your device into Recovery mode. Once you see that the load bar appears on the screen, release the keys and wait for a few minutes until the loading process gets completed.

Now, navigate to the Utilities tab and choose the Terminal icon. Here, you have to choose the Reset Password option and provide a new password as well.

After that, press down the Return button and select the volume containing the account (most of the time, hard disk). Now, select that account and click on the User Account tab. Here, you need to enter a new password and also a hint that is related to that password.

Once done, tap on the Save option. Now, a warning might appear on the screen that is asking for confirmation and you have to click on OK. Finally, restart your device and check if you successfully changed the password or not.

Want to Reset the Forgot Mac Admin Password?

If you have lost the Admin password, then follow the simplest ways stated here.

Use Apple ID for Resetting Admin Password

People who don’t have a secondary admin account, for them, this is the perfect method. But there is only one problem that the feature sometimes gets deactivated.

Hence, you can verify this by clicking on the Users & Groups icon. Now, look for “Allow users to reset the password using Apple ID” icon and you have to check the small box for activating this feature. Now, you will notice that a question mark appears on the screen with pop-up messages.

Now, select the Reset Password icon by using Apple ID. After that, you have to put your Apple ID and create a new Admin password. Once you have completed all the steps reboot your device. Then, enter a new password whenever you log in to your Admin account.

Reset Password Using Single-User Mode

First of all, you need to press down the Command and S button to access the single-user mode. After that, click on the search box and type “mount –uw /” in it and press down the Enter button. 

Then, again click on the search box and type “launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/” Again, click on the Enter key.

Now, click on the Username icon and type the password in the box. After that, reset your password and write down reboot and press the Enter button. Finally, log in with the new password and check if the solution works for you or not.

Final Remarks

We hope that the above-mentioned solutions will be enough for you if you want to know how to recover a forgotten Mac password. But in case if you have any further issues regarding the same, then post your comment in the feedback box and let us know about that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you forget your MacBook password?

By any chance, if you have forgotten the password, then try to enter the wrong password three times. After three wrong attempts, you will notice that the screen will display a message that asks you to reset the password. Just click on it and follow the instructions shown on the screen

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