How To Reinstall Mac OS? Effective Guide To Follow

Mac OS is one of the most stable operating systems on its own. Bt at times when some severe issues arise on Mac, reinstalling Mac OS could be the best option at times.

There are also various other issues that can be easily sorted out once your reinstall Mac OS. For example, if your Mac is running slowly if there is a serious issue arose, and if you are thinking of selling your Mac. 

Therefore, if you are not well acquainted with the exact process about how to reinstall Mac OS, then this is the ideal guide for you. Go through the below steps carefully and perform them accordingly to get the reinstalling task done. 

Know How to Reinstall Mac OS with Essential Tricks:

When you try to reinstall Mac OS, ensure not to remove your boot drive. This helps to protect the user files by changing macOS system files with known-good versions. 

If you are unable to boot into recovery then for reinstalling macOS you just need to utilize a bootable USB installer. 

Method 1: Reinstall Mac OS Using Recovery Mode 

Recovery is the standard method for reinstalling the Mac OS. It is a special mode that boots from an unconnected recovery partition. 

To make changes if you want to unblock the boot partition then, macOS boots from the recovery partition. 

In the recovery partition, you are free to make changes and also adjustments and that includes totally removing it or reinstalling the macOS. 

To boot into the recovery mode here are the steps, restart your computer. After that, just hold down Command+R.

You have to hold that when your Mac shuts off and your computer starts up. When you see the Apple logo, a progress wheel or a password prompt then just release those keys. 

Method 2: Know How to Reinstall Mac Os without Erasing Everything 

Sometimes you face that your Mac OS installation causing various problems. That time there is no need to rub the disk totally and start over from scratch. 

For that, Mac OS replaces any unethical or injured system files. Hopefully, now your system will come back to a working state as earlier. 

To do this at first, boot into the recovery mode. Then, choose the reinstall Mac OS option. You will then find this option in the macOS Utility application.

After that, to begin the installation process you should choose the Continue option. To reinstall macOS now you need to follow all the on screen instructions. 

Alternative Tips to Reinstall Mac OS:

When you need to reinstall macOS then there are a number of ways. Using the internet you can install it from Apple or even you can install it from the recovery partition as well. 

It is included in the hard drive or flash storage of every mac device. Both the ways of the reinstallation process help your files and user settings unharmed. To reinstall Mac OS at first make sure that you are connected to the internet. 

Step 1:  At first, select the Apple menu from your Mac device. Then, go to the restart option. 

Step 2:  When your Mac restarts, you need to perform one of the following points that are stated below.

  • From the internet, install the latest version of macOS. To install this you need to press and hold Option-Command-R. Do this until a spinning globe appears. When it appears then just release all those keys. 

This option helps you to install the latest version of macOS which is appropriate for your computer. 

  • From the internet, reinstall your computer’s original version of macOS. For this, you have to press and hold shift option+command+R altogether. Do it until a spinning globe appears. When it appears then just release those keys. 
  • On your computer, reinstall macOS from the built-in recovery disk. To install Mac OS from the built-in recovery disk, you have to press and hold Command-R. Do this until the utility window appears. 

Step 3: Now, select the reinstall macOS option. After that, just click on the continue button. 

Step 4: Follow all the on-screen instructions now. In the pane, you have to select your current Mac OS disk. 

Well, these are the most effective tricks that you can apply if you are looking for answers regarding how to reinstall mac os. Hopefully, by now you can complete the reinstalling task effortlessly. In case of any confusion or trouble, let us know in the comment section below.

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