How to Restore iPhone Without Updating [Step Wise Guide]

restore iphone without updatingOften, iPhone users experience this problem where they fail to access their gadgets and need to restore them immediately. But, many customers have reported that they can’t restore iPhone without updating iOS or any other OS version. However, there are situations when you really need to perform a factory reset without clicking on the update button. So, if you are looking for some technical methods to restore your iPhone and not go through updates, keep reading this article. Here, you will learn about the special cases when there is no need to update iOS in order to restore the iPhone. Also, you can check out some of the possible solutions that are suggested by the iTunes Support team to their iPhone clients. In case, you want our iTunes Customer Support experts to provide step-by-step instructions for restoring iPhone, go through this entire article.

Conditions when you need to Restore iPhone without Updating iOS?

Before you begin to follow the instructions on how to restore iPhone without updating, check out this information. It is essential to know what are special cases don’t require any updating for restoring iPhones. Hence, let’s have a look at the following conditions, where you can simply restore the iPhone by eliminating the updates.

Jailbroken iPhone

If you are somehow using an iPhone that has the ability to jailbreak, updating the system can lose this feature. Hence, you can restore the device but make sure that the iPhone updates are not applied to it.

iPhone Slow Down

Many 5S/6 iPhone users have reported that applying the recent iOS updates can lead to slowing down issues. However, there are situations when you really need to free up the iPhone’s storage space for loading new programs. Freeing up space can also increase the operating speed of iPhones for many customers. Hence, the best way to manage this issue is by restoring the iPhone and not apply and iOS updates.

Software Bugs

In many iPhones, there can be serious bugs, viruses, or malware problems, which can corrupt the iOS. Hence, to resolve such software and malware issues, you can restore the iPhone. But, if you apply any iOS update, it can worsen the situation in case the updates are incorrect.

So, try out and follow the solutions discussed in this article to restore iPhone without updating the firmware. Otherwise, you can get in touch with our professionals from iTunes Customer Service to restore your iPhone.

How can you Restore iPhone by not utilizing the iOS update feature?

When it comes to understanding how to restore iPhone without updating, there are several methods that you can implement. However, let’s discuss some of the effective steps that iTunes Support professionals usually suggest to iPhone users.

General Steps to Restore iPhone without Update

Basically, you can try this step when you need to restore your iOS gadget from a frozen, lock-down or dead state. In case you can’t restore the iPhone in its standard or advanced mode, you can apply the steps in recovery mode. Otherwise, you will have to choose ‘Erase all contents and settings’ tab to restore your iPhone. Now, check out the correct steps for restoring the iPhone using these particular settings and without any iOS updates.

Step 1: Apply for iPhone Backup

As applying the restoring tab can erase all the valuable data, you can create a backup for your iPhone. For this purpose, you can choose iTunes or iCloud or consult the iTunes Customer Support team to suggest backup methods.

Step 2: Set Factory Settings for iPhone

Before applying this step, make sure to detach your iPhone from the PC. After that, open the iPhone Settings and hit the ‘General’ tab. Then you will have to click on the ‘Reset’ option and select ‘Erase all content and settings’. As you hit this button, all the data on your iPhone will be deleted and it will restore back to default settings.

Step 3: Restore without iOS Update  

To restore iPhone without update, you will have to unlock your iPhone with proper setup instructions. If you aren’t aware of the procedure, you can reach our iTunes Support professionals for unlocking steps.

So, after unlocking the iPhone if you receive the notification to update iOS, click on ‘Remind Me Later’. However, you can disable the ‘Automatic updates’ on your iPhone, if you find problems with restoring.

Reach our Support Team for iTunes Customer Service

In case, the above steps aren’t enough to restore iPhone without updating, you can get in touch with us. We have certified technicians who can resolve all kinds of iTunes errors on iPhone or any iOS-based device. So, if you need an expert’s guidance on restoring steps or fixing other iPhone problems, we can help you out in no time. When you consult our team to provide iTunes Customer Service, they will deliver the solutions after approving it from iPhone technicians. Hence, if you want to request solutions to restore iPhone without an update, you can contact our iTunes Support professionals immediately without any delay.

Some FAQs You Should Know: 

How do I force my iPhone to restore?

Press the Volume Down button and release quickly. Press and hold down the Top button until you
restart your device. Keep holding the Top button until your equipment enters retrieval mode. 
Or later on the iPhone 8: Press the Volume Up button and release quickly.

How do I skip iOS update on new iPhone?

Go to Settings General Update Software.
If the setting for Auto Updates is enabled, tap on it. Tap.
Turn left the toggle (so it won’t be green anymore)

Can I manually restore my iPhone?

Turn the iPhone on or off. Follow the online language and region instructions. Manually tap Set Up. Follow on-screen instructions by tap Restore from iCloud Backup.

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