Learn How To Right Click On A Mac: All Possible Ways

If you recently shifted from Windows to a Mac-based device, you may be wondering how to right-click when there is only one button? Various operations require right-clicking on certain tabs or options to work. Hence, it can be quite difficult for Mac users to activate this feature.

Apple trackpad and mice never had an alternative button to perform the right-click. But, there are various ways to right-tap on Mac, which we will discuss in this post.  It will give you access to contextual options and menu throughout the Mac Operating System.

Therefore, check out this guide and learn all the possible ways on how to right click on a Mac.

How to Right Click on A Mac Device: Steps By Step Procedure

Right-clicking on a device is quite useful for various reasons. Once you right-tap on a Mac device, you will get various options like changing your view settings, creating a new folder, and more.

Along with these, right-clicking on a file or document allows copying, renaming, moving or even deleting particular documents. 

In this section, you will get to know various ways to right click on Mac

Procedure to Right Tap on MacBook

To configure the Secondary click on a Mac device, follow the underlying steps.

  • Firstly, turn on your Mac device and navigate to the Apple menu.
  • Under the Apple menu, choose the “System Preference” from the available options.
  • Now, go to the “Trackpad Panel” and hit the “Point & Click” tab.
  • Thereafter, locate and select the box next to the secondary click.
  • Now, hit the down arrow from the appeared menu to proceed further.
  • Afterward, select Click with two fingers; Click in bottom left corner; Click in the bottom right corner.

Inside the “Secondary click” options, you will notice that the “Click with two fingers” has converted to “Click or tap with two fingers”.

Once you are in the Trackpad window, try to reset the “Tracking Speed” of the pointer. To do so, simply drag the slider on the right side to make it faster. Also, move the slider to the left to make it slower.

Moreover, you can also reset the gesture for zooming and scrolling purposes.

Procedure to Right Click on a Mac Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse doesn’t show the right or left button. However, under the sleek of a white shell, there are two different buttons: the “Right” button and the “Left” button. Here are the steps on how to configure the secondary or right-tap on Mac Magic Mouse.

Step 1: 

Primarily, initiate the “System Preference” from the Apple menu by following the above instruction. Once the “System Preference” window invokes, try to locate the Mouse Pane.

Step 2:

When you find it, click on it and tap on the “Point and Click” tab. Afterward, select the box next to “Secondary click”. Then, enable right-click on the Mac mouse by tapping on the “Click on the right side” from the context window.

Important Information: 

If you have an Apple mouse, then hit the left side as “Left click” and hit the right side as “Right click”. To enable it, simply choose the “Click on the left side” from the resultant menu.

Inside the “Point & Click” tab, you can modify the tracking speed of the mouse by using the slider.

Adjust Speed of Double-clicking on your Mouse

Most of the users use the default speed for double-clicking on a mouse. But, some have different requirements, as their device requires further adjustments.

On such occasions, they can modify the time duration of the Mac OS. It will then wait for the second click to register a right-click. To reset the double-clicking speed, follow the steps underneath.

  • Initiate the “System Preference” and navigate to the “Accessibility pane”.
  • Inside the Accessibility pane, tap on the “Mouse & Trackpad”, which is present at the left-hand side of the sidebar.
  • Now, choose the “Double-click speed” from the resultant menu. It is to make the OS wait longer for the second or right-click.

On the other hand, you can also attach a third-party mouse with buttons to your Mac device. Then, Mac OS will detect the secondary button automatically and maps it to the device’s right-click function. 

Ending Notes:

Now, its time to wrap up. In this post, we have mentioned all the reliable ways on how to right click on a Mac. We hope, after implementing these instructions, you are able to right-click on your Mac device.

If you want more information regarding “right click on Mac” query or any other issues related to your Mac device, then drop your comments in the feedback section below.

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