How to Show Hidden Files On Mac? Get Some Quick Steps

Visible or not, these files are important as some of them keep the system and files secured from any damage.

Sometimes, these hidden files are required for solving some issues or simply just for cleaning the accumulated junk. In this article, we will be explaining some techniques using which you’ll be able to see hidden files on your Mac.

Techniques to Unhide Hidden Files on Mac

In this section of the article, we have provided three techniques by which you should be able to see the hidden files of your Mac without any difficulty. Make sure to follow the section thoroughly to acquire adequate knowledge.

Technique 1: Use Finder to See Hidden Files

It is not very complex to unhide hidden files on Mac. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned below and see if it helps.

  • Go to Finder and open Macintosh HD folder
  • Press Command+Shift+Dot
  • This should unhide your files. Repeat the second step to hide the files again.

Technique 2: See Hidden Files On Mac Through Terminal

To see hidden files on Mac through a terminal you will have to use some command lines. A terminal is an inbuilt application of Mac present within the Launchpad. Follow the steps given below to launch Terminal and run the commands.

  • First of all, you have to open the Terminal application through the Launchpad. Go to Finder>Application>Utilities to do so.
  • After doing so, make sure to enter the command cited below on the Terminal window. 

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true

killall Finder

  • Press Return and then right-click on Finder. After that, select the Relaunch option from the list. Now you will be able to see all the hidden files and folders.
  • To hide back the files follow the same steps as cited in the earlier step and replace the command with the one below

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool false

killall Finder


Technique 3:  Use the Apple Script Technology

Preferred mostly by engineers, Applescript is a technology by which you should be able to make various scripts and commands.  To see the hidden files on Mac follow the steps exactly as mentioned below.

  • First of all, from the launchpad open AppleScript.
  • Now enter the commands listed below in the editor’s window

display dialog “Show all files” buttons {“TRUE”, “FALSE”}

set result to button returned of result

if result is equal to “TRUE” then

do shell script “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true”


do shell script “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool false”

end if

do shell script “killall Finder”

  • Click on Play and save the file.

If you want to unhide or hide folders in the future, all you have to do is open the script file and then click on the Play button.

These were some of the ways by which you should be able to unhide Hidden Files On Mac. Please let us know in the comments whether the methods worked for you or not.

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