How To Start Mac In Safe Mode

Did you own a Mac device? If you own a Mac device, then at times you might face crucial challenges such as the compatibility issues with macOS installed on your device. All such problems appear from the Start menu.

If you face any problem in your Mac device when it is working on normal conditions, then you need to start the system in Safe Mode. It is called Safe boot.

With the help of the Safe Mode, you can solve the issue that you might encounter in your iOS device.

If you are not aware of how to start Mac in Safe Mode, then this is the best place to learn the process. Hence, go through the steps mentioned in the section below and apply them accordingly in order to start your Mac device in Safe Mode.

What is Safe Mode?

Basically, Safe Mode is a way to start your device so that it can check and prevent the software that is installed on your device from opening and loading automatically.

We use the Safe Mode to load the macOS in its general operation. In case, if there is any kind of critical problem, it diagnoses the issues due to which macOS is not working properly.

The main objective is to use the Safe Mode that allows doing essential system programs and services to start up at the time of booting. You can troubleshoot problems on your computer if your computer does not start normally

But with Safe Mode, you can begin to narrow down the cause of the problem. To make your work easier, here we are going to discuss some easy steps to start Mac in Safe Mode.

Some Features that are not Available in Safe Mode:

Some of the important features will not work when you start the system in Safe Mode. You should know what are the features. Let’s have a look at the below section.

  • You cannot play a movie or DVD player in the Safe Mode.
  • File sharing is turned off.
  • WiFi networks might be unavailable or limited on the iOS device.
  • Some of the audio input or output will not work on your device when you start the computer in Safe Mode.
  • Accessibility features such as VoiceOver might not run as it does.
  • Sometimes, USB, FireWire, and Thunderbolt devices might not be available on your device.

Here is How to Start-Up in Safe Mode:

Now, go through the steps in order to start up the Mac device in Safe Mode. Apply the steps in the same sequence to start the system in Safe Mode.

  1. First of all, start the Mac device or restart it. After pressing the power button for turning on the system, immediately press the Shift key and hold it. The Apple logo pops up on the system screen.
  2. Now, release the Shift key when the login window will appear on the system screen. You might be asked to do the log in two times. Once the system unlocks the startup disk, log in again through the Finder application.

Now, your device opens up in the Safe Mode.

Usually, when you turn on the system in Safe Mode, there are some problems that do not occur. But then also if any issue still appears, then you should have incompatible login credentials.

To Conclude

We hope that you can definitely start your iOS device in Safe Mode after applying the steps mentioned in the section above. But if you are not able to start Mac in Safe Mode even after applying these steps, then you can comment us in the comment section provided below.

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