How To Transfer Data From One iPhone To Another

How to Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another

It is very natural for users to transfer data/other documents from one iPhone to another. By way of transferring documents, you can share your data with others. However, it is important to know how to transfer data from one iPhone to another. There are multiple ways to transfer your data and you can do it without data loss or spending long hours.

As you will proceed forward, you will come to know different methods to transfer iPhone to iPhone.

How to Transfer Data from one iPhone to another

Go through the methods below and pick up the one which suits you the best.

A General way for transferring data

  1. Insert the sim card of your current iPhone in another one. But if the new iPhone needs a different sim card, then use another sim card.
  2. Bring both the devices closer and turn them on. Use your Apple ID to set up your new device and tap the ‘Continue’ button.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on both the iPhones and within a few seconds an animation appears on the new iPhone.
  4. Wait until you receive a message that the setup of the new device is complete.
  5. Now you will be asked to enter the passcode of your current device on your new device.
  6. Follow the steps that appear on the screen and set up Face ID or Touch ID on your new device.
  7. Enter your Apple ID password on your new iPhone to get the option of restoring apps, data, and settings on your new iPhone.
  8. You can restore the backup directly from the iCloud backup. On the other hand, you can update the backup of your current device and then make the restore.

As long as the transfer of data is going on, keep both the iPhones close to each other. To avoid the hassle of sharing everything from one iPhone to another, connect your new iPhone to WiFi. After the setup is over, connect your iPhone to a source of power. It will automatically transfer the data from the iCloud backup in the current iPhone to the new one. There are other ways to understand how to transfer data from one iPhone to another. Follow the article to get an idea.

How to transfer data from one iPhone to another via iCloud?

Connect your existing iPhone to WiFi and go to ‘Settings.’ Then type your name and turn on the iCloud Backup. Click ‘Backup’ and wait until an iCloud backup is created on your existing iPhone. Transfer the sim card of your current iPhone to the new one. Use another sim card if the new iPhone requires a different type of sim. As you turn on your new device, you get a ‘Hello’ screen along with some instructions. Follow these instructions until you come across the WiFi screen. Select a WiFi network from the connections available on your iPhone. Again follow the guidelines appearing on the screen.

As your iPhone displays the Apps and data, you need to select ‘Restore’ from iCloud backup. Now you require your Apple ID password for signing into iCloud. If required, choose a backup and update to a newer version of iOS. Consider the amount of data and thereby, select the backup size. If you have used multiple Apple IDs to purchase iTunes or App Store contents, you need to sign in to each of them. Skip the step in case if you forget the passwords. When the restore process finishes, the rest of the steps appear on the screen. Follow them to finish the setup of your new iPhone and end your queries regarding how to transfer iPhone to iPhone. After the setup is complete, connect your new iPhone to the source of power to transfer all the necessary data to it.

Steps to transfer data from one iPhone to another through iTunes

  • Connect your current iPhone to your computer and update its iTunes to the latest version.
  • Open iTunes and select your device. To secure your data, use ‘Encrypt[device]backup’ and set a unique password.
  • If you do not want to encrypt your data, then only click ‘Backup Now.’
  • Go to ‘iTunes Preferences’ to make sure you have successfully created the backup. You can confirm this if you can see the name of your device along with the date on which iTunes has created the backup.
  • As you turn on your device, you find a set of instructions that you shall follow to get access to the Apps and Data screen. Then tap the ‘Restore’ button in iTunes backup and continue.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer where you have saved all data of the current iPhone.
  • Open iTunes on your PC and select your iPhone. Go to ‘Restore Backup’ and click ‘Backup.’

Make a note that your password is essential for restoring data from an encrypted backup. Wait until your iPhone has completed the restoration process. After that act according to the instructions appearing on the display. Connect your iPhone to a source of power and let the contents transfer to it.

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Some FAQs People Must Know:

How do I transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud?

Quick Start offers one of the best ways to set up and transfer your information without using iCloud from one iPhone to another. When both the iPhone source and the iPhone destination use iOS 12.4 or later,
Quick Start can transfer your data using the Migrated iPhone feature.

How do I transfer from iTunes to iPhone?

Choose the app from the File Sharing list in iTunes. To copy the files into your device, drag and drop
them from folder or window to document list.

Can you transfer data from one iTunes account to another?

You won’t be able to transfer any purchased items from the iTunes App stores to the new ID if you create and use the completely new (not modified) Apple ID but will be able to transfer your iCloud data (calendars etc.) with some patience.
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