Know Why iTunes Could Not Back up the iPhone

iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone

iTunes is an essential application that iPhone users can’t miss out on. Downloading audio and visual videos, clips, documents and much more takes place through iTunes. As a matter of fact, without this tool, the iPhone will become ineffective. Being a software application, it is not free from technical glitches. iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected is one of such problems. However, the good news is that it can be solved through simple hacks. If you are facing such a similar situation, follow this write-up till the end.

Why does the iPhone keep disconnecting during backup?

Though various issues can lead to this particular glitch, the prime reason is the connectivity issue. A notification appears on the phone screen while the restoration of the device is in progress. iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch can face iTunes restoration trouble. The factors will slightly vary for each Apple product. We have listed some causes. Check them out:

  • Issues with the lighting cable
  • A problem with the USB can be a reason behind the iTunes Could Not Back up the iPhone trouble. If you are using the USB port for transferring files from the iPhone to your P.C, there are chances of risk. iTunes can return an invalid pop-up.
  • Further, problems with the backup files are another trouble Corrupt folders and files can hinder the backup procedures.
  • Internal issues like software problems are additional causes

Whatever be the situation, these reasons can affect the overall functioning of your priceless device. It can slow down your iPad or iPhone. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the problem before it takes a big shape.

Simple hacks to Resolve iPhone disconnects during Restore

Below we have provided some tested solutions that can remove the problem like iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone from your device. In case the troubleshooting techniques fail to work for you, seek help from iTunes support team. We can provide reliable solutions for eliminating iTunes glitches effectively. Meanwhile, make sure these requirements are available at your disposal.

  1. First, keep an MFi certified and approved USB lightning cord with you.
  2. Keep the iDevice connected with the desktop
  3. Do not use any jailbroken iDevice as the restoration process will not work on it. For your information, a jailbroken device is dangerous since it does not follow the restrictions set up by iOS. As a result, the solution never works. On the other hand, more complex issues can crop up.

With these requirements in hand, try one of the following solutions as you may feel comfortable.

Solution 1

As a classic fix, try the restoration process using a separate USB cord. It must be from genuine sources otherwise your device will slow down miserably.

Solution 2  

Since USB cable (certified or not) is a reason behind derailed backup, look for signs of wear and tear. Once checked, remove the hubs. In case you are using the keyboard, remove it along with the slots connecting the device with your PC. Now, attach the USB directly to the machine.

Solution 3

If the USB connections are working fine, a problem with the computer can be a trouble. Try restarting the system. If there are no problems with the machine, the iTunes glitch will no longer exist. If the notification reappears, follow the next solution.

Solution 4

Switch off your iPod Touch or iPad for few seconds. After a brief period of time, turn it on. Then move on with the booting procedure. The backup process will take effect instantly. But there can be data loss. So choose the process according to your convenience.

Quick Fix for Resolving Restoration Errors

You can reset the Network Setting of your iPhone. First, tap on the Setting panel and navigate to the General Settings. Now, move to the Reset option and click on the Network space for starting the restoration procedure. The good news for you is that this method does not remove data from the device. However, customized settings and Wifi passcodes may disappear.

Other Methods to Solve iPhone Disconnection Error

At times refreshing the device can save the situation. So, move to the Settings Panel and further down to find the General tab. Now, go to the Background App space and turn it OFF. Once the backup process is over, switch it on following the same steps as stated earlier.

Lastly, switch on the Airplane and Low Power Mode one after the other. Otherwise, delete the unnecessary files.

Avail iTunes Support In An Instant

If all the methods fail, then you should definitely seek our assistance. We provide reliable iTunes Customer Service. You can join hands with us by connecting with us through any of our communication channels. Our technicians are active on all mediums.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do you fix iTunes could not backup the iPhone because an error occurred?

backup issue can be resolved by simply restarting the computer and iOS. 
Try to restore again after restart. 
Find out how your iOS device can restart.

Why does my iPhone Backup keep failing?

lack of sufficient iCloud storage is one of the most common reasons for failed iCloud backup. 
If you don’t have sufficient space available for the entire backup, your iPhone won’t automatically back
up to the cloud.

How do I manually backup my iPhone?

Go to Configuration > [name of the user] > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
Switch to iCloud Backup. When the iPhone is powered, locked, and on Wi-Fi, iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone daily. Tap Back Up Now to perform a manual backup.
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