Get Reliable Solutions On ‘iTunes is not working’ Error

‘iTunes is not working’ error is now bothering you a lot. Right? Don’t worry. This article provides the easiest guidelines to resolve iTunes has stopped working. But before, you start with the troubleshooting, let’s know what exactly made your iTunes stop working.iTunes is not working

The first reason is there is a compatibility issue between the Windows system files and iTunes data files. Another reason can be the outdated version of Windows. There can be several other reasons like-

Problem With  Network

The most common reason for iTunes is not working Windows 10 is a problem with internet connectivity. At times, it is possible that you can access other services or web but you are unable to work with iTunes as the connection is slow.

When there is a disturbance in the connection, the authentication process times out. Besides having issues with the internet, there is a high demand for Apple servers. As a result, you can encounter iTunes not responding.

OS is Not Updated

Well, this is a very common cause for iTunes not responding on Mac, iPhone or PC. The system files are designed in such a way that it only works with the latest operating system. So, make sure to replace the outdated OS and then proceed to the iTunes update.

Problem With The Device

If there is no problem with an internet connection and you are still unable to fix iTunes not working, then there is a problem with your device itself like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or PC. This issue occurs mostly because of two vital reasons. Either your time and date of the device are incorrect or your software is obsolete.

Make sure to put the correct date and time settings. You can also sync with iTunes store servers.

Account Not Updated

Many times, you are unable to access the iTunes Store, App Store or iBook Store. This is because you are not able to login with your Apple ID. All you need to do is reset your  Apple ID password. There is also a verification process where you need to go for a payment method.  The first and the last name with the billing address shouldn’t be inappropriate.

Troubleshooting Steps For iTunes is not Working

Now that you know why iTunes is not responding, it will be easier for you to resolve the issue. Just follow the two procedures mentioned below and resolve

Method 1-  Create New iTunes Name

The very first thing you need to do is locate where the problem has occurred. If the issue is with the Music Library, stop iTunes if it is running. Go to the Music Folder and rename the iTunes folder. After relaunching, a new folder will be created.  If iTunes now start working, you already know that there was a problem with the Music Folder. If the issue still persists, don’t fret. Follow the second method.

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Method 2- Create A New iTunes Library File

Before creating a new iTunes library file, first, check whether your Apple device is connected to the computer. Then update and configure your firewall to allow iTunes to connect to the internet.

Now you might think why your firewall needs to be configured? Many times firewall blocks software system due to the accumulation of spyware and malware on your device transferring the personal data. So it is important to make iTunes a trusted program with the firewall.

Now create a new iTunes library file. An unstable and corrupted library file is responsible for iTunes, not opening or freezes. But creating a library file is a tedious and lengthy process and it functions according to the operating system. But there is nothing to worry about. You can always take assistance from our professionals who are highly trained in this field.

iTunes Customer Support

We hope that the above recommendations have helped you to recover iTunes is not working. In any case, if you are still unable to solve the problem, then call us at our iTunes Customer Service Number +1-800-542-2744 for reliable solutions by our Tech experts.

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