How To Resolve Mac Won’t Start In Safe Mode Issue

While using your Mac device, there are several issues that the users encounter after a time with the device. Though Mac device comes with class-apart technology and innovative features, yet these are also not totally free from errors.

Despite all the issues, Mac won’t start in safe mode is one of the complicated ones. This issue mainly occurs if there is any fault in security settings. Sometimes the internal faults or the software issues are also responsible for Mac not getting started in Safe Mode.

However, we have come here with all the essential and verified aspects to overcome this issue in no time.

So, if your MacBook is not starting in safe mode and you are looking for tips to fix this issue, then proceed with the article till the end. This article covers all the information to get back your Mac in an error-free state at the earliest.

Methods to Eliminate Mac Won’t Start in Safe Mode Issue:

Listed below are some of the popular techniques to fix Mac won’t start in Safe Mode issue.

You can proceed with any methods of your choice to see which one helps you to fix the error.

Method 1: Check the Security Settings

Some security settings have Apple’s disk encryption technology that may contribute to the inability to boot to Safe Mode.

So, if you have a firmware password set on your system or the encryption technology-enabled, then the computer won’t boot in safe mode.

Hence, to get rid of this issue, you need to open the Search bar from the Apple menu at the top. Type the FileVault into the Search panel and tap the OK button to invoke the action.

Now, select the System Preferences window from the list. Then you should type the Firmware password to continue. After the file opens on the next screen, click the green button next to the name and select the Disable option.

After successfully disabling the Security settings, restart the MacBook to see if the computer is now booting up in Safe Mode. If the issue still remains or the above steps don’t work, here is the next solution you can try.

Method 2: Check the Wireless Keyboard

The wireless keyboard is another reason for which the computer is not booting up in Safe Mode.

The wireless keyboard generally comes for the Windows version. There are several keys that are replaced and that doesn’t work for the Mac devices. Especially the Command key and many keys that don’t exist in the wireless keyboard.

Sometimes there might be some issues with the Bluetooth controller that may prevent the computer from booting up in Safe Mode.

In that case, you need to check the Bluetooth controller devices and also the battery level of the external keyboard.

In case, the battery level is too low to communicate with the computer, you must replace the battery with a newer one. And if the issue still exists even after trying all these steps, you can proceed with one more solution discussed below.

Method 3: Run the Disk Utility in Recovery Mode

If your MacBook is not booting up normally or the OS is not loading, then there might be some internal issues. Luckily, there is a way to fix this internal issue by running the Disk Utility in the Recovery mode on your MacBook.

These are some steps to run the Disk Utility in recovery mode.

  1. First, make sure the Mac is completely turned off and the device is not stuck with any BSOD errors.
  2. Now, hold down the power button for a couple of seconds until it gives up and then release the button.
  3. After that, long-press the Command+R keys at the same time and try to power the Mac back up again.
  4. Keep pressing the Cmd+R continuously until it displays the Apple logo. Then it will open the Recovery Mode.
  5. After that, when the Recovery Mode opens, locate the Utility option from the list and click on that option.
  6. Select Mac’s Drive option from the next page on the top side and click the First Aid option to continue.
  7. Click the Repair Disk option from the next screen and wait for the scan to complete the process.
  8. When the scanning process is successful, click the Repair Disk Errors option from the bottom of the screen to complete the task.

Now, when the task gets completed, restart your MacBook to check if the computer is now booting up successfully.

Summing Up

If you have proceeded with all the above steps accurately and confidently, then you can surely overcome the boot issue on your Mac. Here we have discussed all the relevant solutions to fix Mac won’t start in Safe Mode issue at the earliest.

In case, the issue still exists, then it will be a wise option to get in touch with a professional as there might be some other hardware issues or technical faults that they can resolve easily.

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