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How To Reinstall Mac OS? Effective Guide To Follow

Mac OS is one of the most stable operating systems on its own. Bt at times when some severe issues arise on Mac, reinstalling Mac OS could be the best option at times. There are also various other issues that can be easily sorted out once your reinstall Mac OS. For example, if your Mac…

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How To Fix Facetime Is Not Working On Mac ? Quick Tips

Among the best features that these iOS devices have, Facetime Audio and Video calling is one of the most important ones. You can communicate with others with the help of this feature. But sometimes, all of a sudden, you might encounter Facetime not working on Mac device.  This is a very frustrating situation for users.…

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Troubleshoot Mac External Display Not Working Issue

While you are going to extend your screen area to a larger screen, external displays play an important role as it helps in expanding the screen. Seldom some issues might occur with the external display. Mac external display not working is one of the most common problems that annoy the users. In such instances, the…

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How To Turn Off iMessage On Mac: Know Convenient Ways

IMessage is one of the most helpful messaging platforms for iOS users to get in contact with another iOS device without any additional charge. You can also receive and send messages from other devices that are connected to your iCloud account via iMessage. But a few times, if you are receiving too many messages while…

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How to Fix: Bluetooth Not Available on Mac | Quick Guides

Bluetooth issues though rare are not uncommon on Mac. At times, you can face a specific Bluetooth connection error on your Mac. When you hover the mouse pointer over the ‘Bluetooth’ icon on the top bar of the screen, a message will flash which will say ‘Bluetooth: Not Available’. This issue can render all the…

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[Fixed] Mac Not Recognizing iPhone Issue

People use to share their photos, videos, music from iPhone to MacBook and vice-versa. The easiest way to connect an iPhone to the Mac device is to use a USB cable and plug it on both devices. Many iPhone users have complained that their Mac doesn’t recognize the iPhone.  It becomes difficult to create a…

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[Solved] MacBook Pro Won’t Turn on Issue

MacBook Pro comes with faster processors to give high performance. But sometimes, the device malfunctions and it fails to turn on. There are numerous reasons that can be responsible for the MacBook Pro won’t turn on error, such as hard disk issue or faulty charging cable and so on. If MacBook Pro refuses to turn…

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