Download QuickTime For Windows 10 Instantly 

QuickTime is developed by Apple that is capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, and so on. It is a free and popular video player that uses the latest streaming technology to access instant content on the web.  You can use this technology to download trailers, make or edit movies. You cannot exploit its features until you can download it on your computer. Especially problem arises while downloading QuickTime For Windows 10.

It occurs when you update Windows to Windows 10. It is because the settings and features of Windows 10 do not match with that of QuickTime.

Steps for downloading QuickTime for Windows 10

  1. Visit the QuickTime download page and open the downloaded file quicktimeinstaller.exe. , and select ‘Next.’
  2. A license agreement for downloading QuickTime will appear on the computer’s screen. Click ‘Yes’ to comply with the agreement.
  3. You will get two options- ‘Typical’ and ‘Custom.’ ‘Typical’ means that you can download the recommended QuickTime features and remove some specific components. These specific components can include QuickTime web browser plugin, QuickTime for Java and QuickTime picture viewer. Since this option is more effective for downloading QuickTime, select it.
  4. Click ‘Install’ and uncheck the box beside ‘Install Desktop Shortcuts.’ If any desktop shortcut is installed on your PC, then delete it.
  5. Select the ‘Finish’ button to install QuickTime for Windows 10.

QuickTime download for Mac

  1. Visit the download page of QuickTime and click on the ‘Download’ button. Now you will again get a license agreement.
  2. You need to accept the agreement before proceeding with the download.
  3. Then select the  ‘Typical’ option and choose ‘Download.’  Make a note that to install QuickTime on your Mac, you shall download its latest version. Wait for few minutes until the download is complete.
  4. Once your  Mac finishes the download of QuickTime, it notifies you. Now double-click on QuickTime to let it install automatically on your Mac.

After installing it accurately on your Mac, make a test to ensure that there is no problem with the installation process. Use QuickTime to play any latest video or HD movie contents which are available on a web browser. If QuickTime allows you to play these videos or movies effortlessly, then you have installed it correctly on your Mac. Apart from this test, QuickTime gives you a message stating that your Mac device has successfully installed QuickTime.

Download QuickTime for Windows 8

Visit the QuickTime homepage and open the downloaded file quicktimeinstaller.exe. , and select ‘Next.’ A license agreement for downloading QuickTime will appear on the computer’s screen. Click ‘Yes’ to comply with the agreement. Now follow the same steps as mentioned for Windows 10. Remember to restart your PC after the proper installation of QuickTime. It allows Windows to accept the changes made on it during the installation process.

How can you check the version and update QuickTime for Windows 10?

To check the version of QuickTime installed on your PC and to install the latest updates, choose System Preferences. Then from the View menu select QuickTime. Click on ‘Register’ to get access to the information about the registration and the edition of QuickTime installed on your device. Click on the ‘About QuickTime Player’ tab to know the version of QuickTime you are using.

From time to time Apple releases new updates of QuickTime. It is essential to update QuickTime to the latest version to explore its new features and benefits. QuickTime notifies you when the updates are available and prompt you to download them. But if you want to check the updates manually, then choose QuickTime Player and select ‘Update existing software.’ You will get to know if the updates are pending for your QuickTime. Now follow the onscreen prompts to install QuickTime for Windows 10.

Get in Touch for 24*7 QuickTime Support

You may fail to play some files by using QuickTime because some files contain data that was created by a codec. QuickTime may not support this codec and as a result, the problem arises.  You can buy software from a vendor and use it to play these files. But if the software is not a genuine one, then it can contain a virus or malware. So if you are passing through such a situation, connect with our QuickTime tech support team to fix this issue.

This malicious program can infect your data, Registry, hard disk, and Operating System once you install them on your PC. The solutions mentioned in this article have proved to be effective to download QuickTime for Windows 10. Still, if you if they do not work for you due to technical aspects, then approach us directly. Our team of experts has specialized knowledge in dealing with QuickTime related issues. Therefore, its time to end your search for a trusted service provider. Call us at QuickTime Tech Support Number +855-534-1508  or mail your issues with QuickTime.

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