Steps You Should Try To Remove DRM from iTunes Movies

Remove DRM From iTunes Movies

If you have bought a new video content from the iTunes, then you may notice that you can not play it outside the Apple ecosystem range. Also, if you try to watch that video on another Android device, or you are trying to push that video to a video server and try to watch it after that, even then, you can not. Do you know why this video is not playing on anything that hasn’t been built by Apple? If you don’t know the reason, then stay with this article. as in this passage, we have discussed almost each and everything about this topic and most importantly, how you can remove DRM from iTunes movies. So read on.

What is DRM Protected Content?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Everything that you purchase from the iTunes, such as books, music, TV shows, etc are DRM protected. The DRM ensure that only those users who bought the video have the permission to watch it. Apple uses this as they want to sell their product more. But this is completely unfair with the honest customer who just wants to view the video on a different device.

So, if you are one of the customers and want to play a  movie any time at any Android device, then you have to simply remove the DRM from iTunes movie. Now, go through the undermentioned procedure to remove Digital Rights Management so that you can quickly play a video or movie. Here they are:

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies: Ultimate Guidance

Here are some methods which will surely help you to get rid of this trouble. Check them out:

Removing DRM  from iTunes Movies or Videos with Requiem

Requiem is an open source DRM removing software that has been developed by Java. Even if the Requiem software has not been updated for several months, then also it has the ability to remove the DRM. But it is always a great choice that you update to the latest version of the Requiem software. In case you have too much hesitance with uninstalling your current iTunes version, then we strongly advise you to use an alternate device that already doesn’t have iTunes installed on it.

The steps mentioned below shows you how to uninstall the new version of the iTunes and install the older version. However, if you already have a second computer, with an older version of iTunes installed on it, then you should skip step one.

Step One: Uninstall the newer version of the iTunes

To uninstall the latest version of the iTunes, at first, you have to go to the Control Panel of your system. In the Control Panel, you should scroll below until you find the Programs and Features options. Once you have found it, then you need to click on Uninstall or Change a Program button.

Well, this is not enough. Until you uninstall all the applications that are related to your Apple device, you cannot install the older version of your iTunes applications.

Step Two: Install the older version of the iTunes

Once you have successfully uninstalled the latest version of iTunes, you have to go to the iTunes main page. There you can see an option named ‘Automatically update iTunes and other Apple Software.’ You need to click on that. After clicking the older version of your iTunes it gets automatically updated on your device. Wait for the completion of this procedure, and after its completion, restart your machine and make sure that you can play the iTunes.

Step Three: Install the Java Environment

Before running the Requiem software it is compulsory for you to make sure that the environment is right. As the Requiem needs the java runtime environment, so you should set this environment on your computer. And for this, you have to download a JRE button.

After completion of the installation process, you have to open it and install the JRE downloader on your machine. If you already have a JRE version, and it’s not the latest version then you should update it to the latest Java version.

Once you are sure that you are using the latest version, only after that, you should go to the next step.

Step Four: Installing Requiem

Before you are trying to install the Requiem software, you should close the iTunes completely. Take help from the iTunes Customer Service and after that install the Requiem software on your computer.

Step Five: Run the Requiem Software

After you install the Requiem software on your system, this software will automatically scan the iTunes device and remove DRM from iTunes movies

You should not close the Requiem software until the scanning process is completed. When scanning is successfully completed, then you should receive a message saying ‘ Successfully Removed DRM’. Now what you need to do is to navigate to the iTunes media folder. After that, check whether the DRM protected version has been replaced with the unprotected version or not. If the answer is yes, then your task is completed.

Stay with our iTunes Support Team

These are some of the most common steps to remove DRM from iTunes movies. If you want more effective methods, then you should contact our team members at iTunes Customer Support. Connecting our iTunes support team is easy. Just place a call at our iTunes support number and watch your issues get resolved in no time.

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