[Fixed] Spotlight Search Not Working Mac Issue

Spotlight is a default search system present on Mac devices. It is basically used to search and launch various types of files as well as applications. But in recent days, it has been found that Mac users have reported that they are facing an issue regarding Spotlight search not working Mac.

In such instances, the users become unable to open Spotlight and leave the users puzzled. Sometimes, users can enter the search query but no result page is shown on the display.

Are you also in the same condition? Nothing to get worried about that. Here you will get some amazing solutions that will be enough for you to fix the problem.

Spotlight Search not Working Mac: How to Solve

There are a few reasons that are responsible for the Mac search not working. In case a part of storage gets corrupted, then this problem occurs the most. Moreover, if the resolution is not set properly, then it might lead to the same problem.

Use Disk Utility

This is the first method that you can follow. Disk Utility help to manage internal disks and as well as external storage devices. Hence, run Disk Utility and check if the error gets fixed or not.

To do so, at first, turn on your Mac by pressing the Power key for ten to fifteen seconds. After that, press down the Command and R button at the same time. It will restart your device in Recovery mode.

Once the screen prompts for Recovery Mode, you have to choose Disk Utility by clicking on it. Now, select the First Aid icon located at the top of the display. Next, you have to choose the “Run to allow First Aid” option.

It will help to check the errors that are present on your disk. Once the First Aid gets completed, restart and check if the Mac spotlight not working issue has resolved or not.

Check your Spotlight Preferences

If the same problem is still showing up, then you have to check your Spotlight Preferences at first. Then check if the solution is workable for you or not.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to tap on the Apple Menu from the top of the screen. After that, select System Preferences by clicking on it and navigate to choose Spotlight as well.

Be sure that you are not excluding applications that are related to your search. If you click on the Search icon, you will be able to see all the applications on the screen. If you want to re-index it, then click on the Privacy icon.

Then, just drag the folder you desire to re-index and tap on the + sign and browse through your Mac. At the final step, choose the appropriate folders you want to re-index and confirm the process by clicking on OK.

Close UI Server of your System

The very first thing you have to do is to launch Finder and open the Activity Monitor. After that, navigate to choose the Application folder and tap on the Utilities icon. Then, click on Activity Monitor. Now, for searching the SystemUIServer, click on the Search tab and type the name here. 

From the resultant page, click on SystemUIServer and then tap on the Quit icon. Finally, restart your device and check if the issue still persists or not.

Change Desktop Resolution

Though this is quite an odd method many people reported that after implementing this, they can fix the Mac spotlight not working issue. To do the same, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to tap on System Preferences and open Display.

After that, navigate to choose a smaller resolution from the list. Keep in mind that 640 X 480 is the perfect resolution to solve the problem.

Once you have modified the resolution, return to the original resolution and check whether the Spotlight feature is still showing the same problem or get fixed.

Check System Preferences

In case the above methods are not enough for you to fix the Mac search not working issue, then check the System Preferences and it will resolve the issue as well. To do so, at first, open the Apple menu by clicking on it.

After that, move to select the System Preferences tab and click on it. Now, find the Spotlight icon and then navigate to the Privacy tab. Find the small + icon and it will add content for which Spotlight is not working.

Now, you have to confirm the message that is showing on the display and click on OK. After that, launch Terminal and click on the Command box. 

Here, you have to enter the command that is given below.

Sudo mdutil -E/. Now, click on the Enter button and you might be asked to give the Administrator password as well.

Finally, open System Preferences and click on the Spotlight icon. Now, move to the Search Result tab and if needed, then change the Spotlight settings. We hope the problem will be solved by applying this solution.

Final Words

In the above guide, we have provided all the possible solutions that will help you to mitigate the Spotlight search not working Mac easily.

If you execute all of them exactly in the same manner as stated above, you will definitely resolve the problem. But if you are still in confusion, then it’s better to take advice from a tech expert to solve the problem immediately.

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