How to stop iTunes from opening when iPhone is connected?

Many iPhone/iPad/iOS users face issues with iTunes while connecting to any PC, laptop or other devices. This can lead to non-stop unnecessary pop-ups appearing on their device’s screen, which usually occurs due to iTunes. You can consider it as a default setting on Windows or Mac devices which enables iTunes to start by itself on plugging any device. This can mostly happen when these devices are having the feature of automatically sync enabled in them. There is a component called ‘iTunesHelper’ which can be the underlying reason behind this automatic iTunes startup. So, if you are annoyed with this problem and want to stop iTunes from opening automatically, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to learn how to stop iTunes from opening when iPhone is connected?

However, you can take help from our iTunes Support professionals to disable automatic iTunes connectivity on various devices. To know how iTunes Customer Support team can assist you in resolving this automatic connection issue on Mac/Windows PC, go through the entire content.

Stop iTunes from opening automatically on your Mac or Windows Based System

To resolve the problem of automatic syncing of iTunes every time you connect the iPhone or iPad to PC, you need to apply some troubleshooting steps. However, in order to stop iTunes from opening automatically on your system, there are various methods. In the following section, you will come across the steps that will help you to make the iTunes connectivity manual and not automatic. So, let’s start with the procedure for stopping automatic iTunes access on the MacOS first. After that, you can check out the steps for stopping iTunes on Windows and connecting manually. For those who are not tech-savvy and unable to fix iTunes error, they can consult professionals for instant and reliable iTunes Customer Service.

Follow these Instructions for Stopping iTunes to Automatically Open on Mac Devices

If you want to stop the automatic starting process of iTunes when you plug in your iPhone or iPad to Mac, go through the following steps.

Your first task is to open the iTunes application on your Mac-based system and then locate the ‘Preferences’ tab. Now, click on it and then hit the ‘Devices’ button below the preferences section. After this, tick the option that prevents iPods, iPhones, and iPads to sync automatically after plugging into your computer.

Sometimes, iTunes photos app can pop up automatically on your iPhone screen as soon as you connect it to your PC. Hence, whenever you see this glitch on your device, click on ‘View’ and select ‘Show Sidebar’ option. So, as the heading with ‘Import’ appears on the sidebar, make sure to untick the ‘Open Photos for this device’ box.

Steps to Consider for Disabling Automatic iTunes Access on Windows Devices

While installing iTunes on Windows devices, you also get an app of iTunesHelper along with the installer. This application is responsible for monitoring all the background activities while accessing iTunes. Due to ‘iTunesHelper’, you receive the instant notification from iTunes.

It happens as soon as the app detects that you have connected an iOS device to your Windows-based PC. So, the best method to stop iTunes from opening automatically Windows 10 or any other version is to disable iTunesHelper.

For disabling iTunesHelper on your Windows-based device, you need to access the Windows Task Manager. So, simply hit the Shift + Alt + Delete buttons simultaneously and it will display the Task Manager window on the screen. Then, locate the tab for ‘Startup’ and click on it. From the list of services available on your Windows Startup tab, find the option of ‘iTunesHelper’.

Next, right-click on ‘iTunesHelper’ and select the ‘Disable’ feature from the drop-down menu. After disabling this iTunes app on Windows, reboot your PC for the changes to take effect. Once, the device restarts, connect your iPad, iPhone or any other iOS device to your system. Hopefully, it will no longer generate any pop-ups from iTunes or start it automatically. However, if you want expert’s advice on how to stop iTunes from opening when iPhone is connected, check out the information below.

Reach our Experts for Affordable iTunes Support

If the troubleshooting steps discussed above can’t stop iTunes from opening automatically, you can get in touch with our professionals. We have experts who can resolve iTunes errors easily and disable the feature of automatic startup on iOS.

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